Pros and cons of moving to Montclair NJ

New Jersey State has a lot to offer. From great schools and tight neighborhoods to fine restaurants and cultural events. And one of the most popular suburbs for people moving to New Jersey is Montclair. If you are also considering moving to Montclair NJ, then this article is just what you need to help you decide. So before you hire a local moving company Montclair NJ, check if it is really for you.

So what attracts people to move to Montclair NJ?

Montclair is a magnet for those who leave Manhattan or Brooklyn, but still, hope to save some of the city life. It is known for its art scene, four distinctive city centers, cosmopolitan color, and charming architecture. There are plenty of travel options to the city, and schools, in general, are well appreciated. But perhaps the most beloved of all is its truly eclectic nature and diverse population, in which residents of different professions and backgrounds live.

Business people
After moving to Montclair NJ, you can expect your neighbors to be from various social classes

Montclair is one the most urban NJ suburbs, with four characteristic city centers – Montclair Center (the most urban area; it has a new hotel), Walnut (the smallest of the four; a gourmet area with a farmers market on Saturdays), Watchung (a small but convenient area with independent shops) and Upper Montclair (which is at the higher end). People who are hesitant to leave the city may prefer Montclair, as there are more restaurants and it seems noisier.

Houses are usually larger and have a huge area, and therefore more expensive. New construction is rare and sells for a premium. You can’t get it for less than $1.5 million, but it usually looks more like $2 million. You can settle in the city and buy a house because you like the variety of schools, towns and the availability of good restaurants, several cinemas, art, and nightlife.

One of the factors is how socially liberal the city is. There’s a real story of civil rights activism in this city. Since being desegregated in a 1968 court, the city worked hard to keep its schools racially balanced.

And what are the pros and cons of moving to Montclair NJ?

People have different needs and desires. So it is hard to tell if some characteristic of the city is its pro or con. Therefore, we decided to simply write all the features of the city. And then you can decide whether that is an advantage or disadvantage. So, what can you expect after moving to Montclair NJ?

House prices

The average price is $750-800 thousand with an opening price of about $500 thousand. They are hard to find unless you are on a busy street. Also, houses are cheap at first and usually cost up to $100,000 apiece. They want to bid.


Montclair has a magnet school system, so parents make trips and evaluate them. This process started in order to desegregate schools. There are special schools, including a higher school of performing arts. Schools have 7 out of 10 ratings on

Pencil and sharpener
Most likely, people will tell you that schools in Montclair are bad. But, don’t believe in everything you hear

Montclair spends $10,899 per year per student. The average SAT score at Montclair High School is 1037, and 73% of students go to four-year colleges. But some residents still dump big bucks — over $19,000 — by sending their offspring to the rigorous Montclair Kimberley Academy before the twelfth grade or to the Newark Academy for the sixth through twelfth grades. There are also many kindergartens to choose from.


The New Jersey Transit Midtown Direct Train Station (Montclair-Boonton Line) is a 29-minute train ride from Penn Station. Other less direct trains are closer to 45 minutes (one way: $7.25, pass per month: $208). There are also numerous bus services throughout the city; buses during rush hour take about an hour. Duration of waiting for a parking permit at the station: from twelve to eighteen months.

Lay of the land

Montclair is a “railroad suburb” that first began to attract passengers in 1856, which is the year when the train service was introduced. This means that most homes are near commercial areas. With its centuries-old trees and pedestrianized shopping areas on Main Street, the city is the perfect Hollywood backdrop. NBC’s Ed series sets the scene in Montclair High, and “Analyze This” and “The Devil’s Own” were filmed here. A favorite family show in New Jersey, “Soprano” was always shot around this town.

Necessary things

After moving to Montclair NJ with professional NJ movers, you will not need to leave the town to find culture, food or shopping. The Clairidge Cinema and the Screening Zone on Bloomfield Avenue showcase feature Angelika-grade art house and independent films. The city has its own art museum and four local theater troupes. In the week that Elephant Man opened on Broadway, the 12 Miles West Theater Company offered its own rival production. Within the city, there are eighteen public parks and two nature reserves. Ask someone to choose their favorite local restaurant (there are more than 35), and most likely they will say that this is Leone’s, an Italian family restaurant. And regarding sports, Montclair has its own Minor league baseball team and university.


Since Montclair is in New Jersey State, it has higher taxes than many US cities. Taxes in Montclair are also higher than in most of the surrounding towns. Homeowners in Montclair pay — on average – $19,065 in property taxes.

Crime rate

The crime rate in Montclair is much lower than the national average and much lower than in New York. However, it is higher than in rich cities in other states. Crime is higher in affluent cities in most of Essex County than in affluent cities in Bergen County – given the proximity to New Jersey areas – namely Newark and East Orange. That’s why Essex is not on the list of top NJ counties for families. However, the crime rate is still far below average, and the rate of violent crime is very, very low.

Neighborhood watch
Most crimes are crimes against property. And in Montclair, it remains isolated to several small areas that you want to avoid.

The benefit is that in Essex you will feel much younger and more diverse than in Bergen. You want to avoid living too close to Bloomfield Avenue (north or south of it). As well as the areas around Glenfield Park, Lackawanna Plaza, and Canterbury Park.

Bottom line

As you could see, Montclair is an interesting city worth considering. It has some pros and cons, but it is all up to you. Check every aspect of it, find out moving costs NJ, do your math and see if moving to Montclair NJ is really for you. Good luck!

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