Pros and cons of friends helping you move

You can say a lot of things about relocating, but one thing is almost always universal – it is expensive. That is why an ideal scenario would be to have friends helping you move. The main pro of having this approach is the amount of money you will save. There are some additional qualities such as – it usually ends up being a fun experience with your friends. Granted, it will take out some time, and it will be difficult. But, it will be fun none the less. There are, however, some downsides to keep in mind.

friends helping you move can be fun and rewarding
Teamwork is dream work!

If you have your friends helping you move, it could be risky or dangerous even. Unlike Union County movers, your friends are not professionals. That leaves some gaps for may unfortunate events, God forbid. Unfortunate how? Well, there could be some accidents that can happen due to you lacking proper tools, and more importantly, moving experience. 

The fact is people move just a couple of times in their lifetime, in normal circumstances, no more than five times, on average. Doing something five times in your entire life does not make you an expert, far from it. That is why those lacking experience risk getting hurt or damaging your property. Just something to think about. There is a reason behind the price of hiring moving professionals.

Your friends helping you move – good or bad?

If you are trying to deduct whether this is a good or a wrong decision, we can instantly say that it is both. It depends significantly on what you are moving. For instance, if you are moving a piano, perhaps it would be better to consult piano movers NJ for assistance. On the other hand, if you are moving clothes and a table, maybe you could be better off with your friends. The context is vital. The main pro of your friends helping you move is the amount of money you save. Money that would be otherwise spent on hiring professional moving assistance, assistance that doesn’t come cheap. Still, there is a lot of value of having professionals take care of your relocation.

The upside of hiring a professional moving service NJ would be the fact that you could take that same time and spend it with your friends elsewhere, doing fun things together. On the other hand, you could have just as much fun moving with your friends. It all depends on what the relocation is like, and how far it is going. Let’s see what some of the upsides are.

Your friends helping you can make your move fun!

The experience I had is that having your friends help you move is fun. Nothing short of a blast. But this was, again, in a scenario where I was moving clothes mostly. There were a few pieces of sturdy furniture that was not that heavy. We could handle it without any bigger problems. But, if I were to move a large bed, fragile at that, there would have been problems. In the latter case, I would strongly suggest going with professionals.

There is a very thin line between something fun and something risky and dangerous. I’d never go with the latter.

It’s cheap!

a grey van
It’s fortunate when your friend owns a van.

All the expenses that you’d face when your friends are helping you move are food and drinks. Make sure they are non-alcohol, to avoid any injuries. But, as long as I kept something to eat around, and some refreshments I had no other expenses. This was, however, in a fortunate scenario where one of my friends owned a van. This made the process almost seamless. It was as if we were professional movers ourselves.

The downsides

On the other hand, the downsides are far worse when compared to the positive elements. The risk is that your belongings could be damaged. Even worse, the biggest risk is that someone could get hurt. There are countless scenarios where people, without the proper tools and expertise, would carry large pieces of furniture down large flights of stairs. If anyone slips, down go the furniture with the unfortunate soul at the bottom of it.

friends helping you move can be dangerous too
As fun as it may be, it could be dangerous if you guys don’t know what you’re doing.

This is simply not worth the money that would be otherwise saved. To avoid all such risks you should contact us and see how we can assist with your relocation.

It could take too long

When you are not fully sure what you are doing the relocation could take much longer than planned. In some cases, this doesn’t matter. However, if you are moving on a tighter schedule this could be a huge factor. If you have a week to take care of everything, you can’t be playing around. However, if you are still doing it with your friends, it could become a bit less entertaining since everyone will be stressed to finish the task on time. Having your friends helping you move is fun when you are not a tight schedule. 

It depends on the context

There is no right answer to this situation. The only answer to this question is a question: What is the context? What are you moving, how soon and how far. Depending on the answer, having your friends helping you move could be a great option! Or, it could turn out to be a very poor one. Our moving professionals would gladly answer these questions for you if you are at a crossroads. Calling us is free, and we’d love to hear all your questions.

Good luck!

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