Pros and cons of shared storage units

Recently, the demand for storage space is on the rise. It’s a versatile and practical solution in many situations. Traditionally, people rent storage to offset the stress of moving. But if you’re a business owner, you probably know that it will be difficult to run it smoothly without clean and safe storage Montclair NJ unit. Storage units are ideal when you’re remodeling, decluttering, or downsizing your home as well. You can keep your offseason items in a storeroom, and make more space in your abode. Yet, if you’re searching for a more cost-effective way to enjoy these benefits of renting a depot, shared storage units are certainly the answer. But before you go for it, weigh up the pros and cons first. Our experts share their knowledge on the subject in the text that follows, to help you make an informed decision.

Storage units - shared storage units
Shared storage units come in handy on numerous occasions

What exactly are shared storage units?

When you share a repository with a friend, family member, or business partner, you’re in for sharing depot. You sure know by now that it’s not exactly easy to pick a provider and feel at ease with the decision of placing your items for their safekeeping. After all, you’d like your items to remain safe and secure. Various companies offer different solutions. Hence, you’ll need to find what suits your needs best, and be on the same page with the person you intend to share the unit with. For instance, Gibraltar Van Lines offers you flexible storage solutions, with a high degree of safety. With more than 45 years of experience in the industry, our expert team has the capacity to find the ideal solution for you. It’s important to pick well-maintained and easily accessible shared storage units, for a smooth experience.

When should you consider renting storage with a partner?

The first thing that comes to mind when you contemplate storage, is naturally the cost. Hence, shared storage units are a great economical alternative. Our movers North Bergen NJ offers you 4 months of free storage when you move with us. However, if you’re downsizing or decluttering your home, you may consider sharing a unit with someone that already rents one. Or, you can work out a plan with a coworker or a business associate to mutually benefit from a shared repository.

The benefits and drawbacks of shared storage units

Obviously, sharing a storage unit is a wallet-friendly option for the safekeeping of your belongings. But, every coin has two sides, and so does utilizing a storeroom with a companion(s). Based on the extensive experience of our movers Montclair NJ the following are some of the pros and cons of this solution:

A hand holding dollar bills
Using a repository with other people is a great way to cut down on rental costs

The pros:

  • Sharing the costs of rent

The cons:

  • Control over the unit
  • Access to the shared storage units and schedules
  • Disputes over cost

You lower your expenses by sharing a repository

If you consider retiring part of your belongings, you don’t need them on daily basis. Let’s be honest, paying a costly rent for keeping them off your way calls for an alternative solution. And there it is – sharing a depot. This means sharing the costs for rent as well, so it’s indeed a beneficial solution for all parties involved. Once you make a deal with your friends, all there’s left to do is prepare your items for safekeeping. At your convenience, our team can provide you with quality packing supplies. As for more, if you’re using our assistance to move, you get the packing essentials for free, and for the optimal protection of your belongings while in our reliable safekeeping.

The cons of shared storage units: Only one person gets to be in charge

When you sign a contract with your storage provider, for the sake of simplicity, only one person will sign their name as a user. You can grant access to the unit to other people, but only one person is liable and in charge of the unit. Sure enough, this can provide ground for dispute. Hence, it’s of utmost importance to know the people you intend to share with well. This may help you prevent potential tensions from arising.

You need to get consent to access the repository

Accessing a shared repository unit may get complicated in terms of timing. Namely, you’ll need to ask your sharing partners for a permit each time you intend to visit the unit. The safety of your items is important and so is privacy. So, count on the fact that you can’t visit the unit unless you previously communicated it with your companions. You’ll need to work out a compatible timeline, for smooth and easy access to your stored belongings. Usually, people that share storage space visit it together, at the same time.

A guy talking on the phone
You’ll need to set up a matching timeline for visiting the repository with your friends

Splitting the costs for rent may cause a dispute

We’ve already made a point that splitting the bill for rent is a valuable asset of the shared depot. However, consider that sometimes, people like to take note of how much space they use, and pay accordingly. Determining the share of rent is a potential downside of utilizing storage units with other people. So, make sure that you agree upon the conditions of payment with your partners before you actually venture into sharing a repository.

A final thought on the pros and cons of shared storage units

Beyond a doubt, sharing a space for the safekeeping of your belongings is a great, affordable option in itself. However, if you want to get the maximum benefit, choose the people you intend to partner with carefully. As we mentioned above, sharing space that all parties involved pay money for, can give rise to a dispute. Other than that, it’s crucial to pick a safe, clean, and secure facility for a smooth experience, and peace of mind. Shared storage units are a great solution to facilitate your business operations, and come in handy in numerous other situations. Good luck.

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