Pros and cons of expanding your business to NJ

Expanding your business to NJ is a big step. There are a lot of things you need to know before you take it, however. There is plenty of good, and of course some challenges. In the following post, we are going to go over the benefits and challenges, the incentives and risks you are going to face!

Expanding your business to NJ with Grow NJ assistance

Ok, so what do you get when you decide to hire movers Millburn NJ and start expanding your business to NJ? You are getting an opportunity to use many different incentives that New Jersey has put in place to encourage just such moves!

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What special assistance will New Jersey provide?

Ever heard of the Grow NJ assistance? It targets companies that are creating job creation and retention, giving you tax credits that can be very helpful, especially for startups.

New Jersey is the “Crossroads of the East” and provides you with good grounds for hard-working and skilled workers (there are already around 15 000 factories).

Advantages of expanding

When the best moving companies in NJ are entrusted with moving offices, it is often for the reason of expansion of business to another city or state. The growth of a company is not only optimal but also expected. It is not good for a company to not grow for too long.

Two buildings of choice when expanding your business to NJ
What are the advantages that are generally associated with the expansion of business?

However, that kind of common business wisdom does not cut it when it comes to trying to determine if expanding your business is a good idea or not. You need a little bit of a more analytical approach. Therefore, here are the most common advantages of business expansion.

  • Attracting new CustomersWhen expanding a business to New Jersey you are opening yourself to new opportunities and customers!
  • Bigger is better – The economy of scale is are the real thing. Once you are bigger enough, it gets easier.
  • Opportunity zones! – When expanding, you can target zones of increased opportunity. They are usually recognized as such by the government and have incentives!


Now that we covered all the ways in which expanding your business to NJ will absolutely be an advantage, we should also go over the cons of this decision. Well, first off, you might find the price of such a move to be too much to ask.

You have to spend money to make money, they often say (and are right), but sometimes you just don’t have money to spend. Expanding a business is expensive. There are numerous legal and physical (renting space, for example) limitations and expenses that will definitely leave a mark on your budget. Therefore, you need to take a look at your finances before hiring movers for your commercial relocation. Obtaining a free moving quote can also help you plan your budget more soundly.

Furthermore, you will also find that your business is might get too thin. It is good to grow – but keep your eye on your speed. Don’t overstretch. It is easy to want to grow and grow, disregarding profit margins, and the realistic capabilities of your resources. Make sure that the expansion of your business to NJ is timely!

Seek help and control the risk

We are living in a country where pretty much anyone can give it a shot in the business world. Everyone can try to make it. However, as it is only natural, not everyone does. If you are expanding your business to NJ after a significant time of running it, we might say that you pretty much already know all that we are about to tell you. However, we are going to say it nonetheless.

Running a business naturally has its risks, but it offers rewards. Furthermore, you can always use help. The reason why running a business in NJ is a good idea is because New Jersey has set up things like the New Jersey Business Action Center which are there to help you out. They are a road map of the business world in New Jersey and we highly recommend you get yourself acquainted.

Dollar bills
Take every precaution when it comes to your finances.

In order to the risk as small as possible, it is a good idea to know about, for example, taxes you can expect in New Jersey, your responsibilities as employer, benefits, etc. For you to know all of these you will need a bigger post than this one, though this is a good jumping board. Use the things we have mentioned here, do research, and go forth with your expansion into New Jersey!

Hire good office movers

One final thing we might add. In order to expand your business to NJ successfully, you need to have good movers by your side.

We understand, of course, that to relocate an office takes quite a lot of planning. Far more than in a residential move. However, in order for all of that planning not to go to waste, you will need some very, very good office movers.

When choosing among your Hudson County movers, for example, you must be absolutely focused and determined to pick the right one. There must be no random chance of picking a mover that will have something as important and complex as your office relocation as its responsibility.

The main things to look for are:

  • For a mover that is helping you expand your business to NJ to be fully licensed and legal. This is a non-negotiable condition.
  • Furthermore, you want the company to have good reviews. They should be commendable on being punctual and ready to do complicated moves.
  • They should provide a variety of services. That way you will know that the people that make out their moving crews have multidisciplinary skills that are often needed in setting up office space. Furthermore, you should also make sure that the logistical capability of providing such a special service is present.
  • Finally, clear communication is a very important aspect of a moving company. With the amount of planning that this kind of expansion takes, you want your movers to know all the details possible.

In conclusion

So, is expanding your business to NJ a good option for you? Only you can really answer that since only you know the exact nature, needs, and environment of your company. However, we hope that we have presented all the pros and cons you need and provided you with the resources to make the informed decision on the future of your company. Good luck!

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