Post-move paperwork you need to handle after NJ move

Moving is hard. Some people even say that this is one of the most stressful experiences in life. And we get it. With calculating your moving costs NJ and making sure everything goes right, moving can be a bit overwhelming. All this can make you overlook some things. For example, being busy with a set of important daily tasks, you can easily forget to do post-move paperwork after NJ move. If you want to resolve these annoying documents as soon as possible, it’s time to start organizing. So take a pen and paper and get to work.

What post-move paperwork needs to be handled?


So, firstly, let’s look at which utilities you need. Of course, you need electricity, water, and sewage, this is a given. There is probably a need for a telephone line. You need broadband Internet access for your business or pleasure, and you also need transportation. All of them are now completely attached to your new location.

Woman with laptop
Thus, you cannot live without them

It’s good that you can cross some of them of the list before moving, but for some others, you need to sit down and handle all the necessary paperwork. So, remember, the checklist should include:

  • Sewage, water, and other essentials;
  • Transport, heating, etc.;
  • Internet and telephone, which should be done in post-move paperwork.


After settling the utilities, you should pay attention to your insurance. If you just finished unpacking things, this probably means you had to have moving insurance. If there was some damage during the move, you should file a claim right away. There is also insurance for your new home, life insurance, etc.

Voting registration

So, you just used movers Cedar Grove NJ to move to the new state? Well, you still need to do some post-move paperwork if you want to vote when the time comes. Now we know that sometimes this can be tricky, but it is imperative that you are registered. If you forget about it, there is a good chance that you will not be able to vote in local elections, as well as choose a leader who will govern your state, city, or neighborhood.

Postal service

Most of us do not receive a lot of mail in our mailbox these days, but, nevertheless, you must change your address when moving. After all, if you made the long move, you need your mail to arrive at your new home. This includes taxes, as well as less important, although pleasant, Christmas cards from the family.

Medical records

Your new doctor should know your medical history, allergies, vaccine records, etc. This is important no matter how you look at it, but it is especially important if you are moving to a place with a different climate. And if you are moving with cats, make sure you bring their records too.

Medical record
Medical records are probably the most important post-move paperwork you need to handle after moving to NJ

Let’s summarize

So, in conclusion, you should strive to perform this tiresome, but really important work as soon as possible. It is this boring post-move paperwork that guarantees that your life will go smoothly. And the sooner you finish with it, the sooner you will get used to your new life after moving.

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