Places in NJ that will take your breath away

Are you interested in NJ? Then, you should visit a couple of places around the East Coast to see all of them. There are many beautiful places that deserve your attention. You can use these recommendations for your trip, vacation, or even you are planning to move here with Gibraltar Van Lines. It is always smart to go out and explore your new area. It will reduce the stress caused by organizing relocation and you will get to see some amazing views. For this reason and more, here are all the places in NJ that will take your breath away. 

Places in NJ that will take your breath away – Atlantic City and Princeton 

The best bet would be to start from a well-known city. Atlantic City is actually known as the center of entertainment of New Jersey where visitors go to enjoy a lot of gaming opportunities. First of all, you should definitely visit the iconic Boardwalk. There you can find all the popular rides, games, bars and world-class restaurants. In addition to this, and you should also visit places like the Atlantic City Airshow, the LPGA Shoprite Classic, and Atlantic City Restaurant Week. Many people fall in love after they visit Atlantic City so if you are one of them, you can also check out Houston County movers to see if they happen to organize relocations to this city as well. And the other hand, you should also visit Princeton. There is no need to introduce Princeton as it is well known for its famous university, rich culture, and stunning parks. 

Places in NJ that will take your breath away have roller coaster
You should visit and try out famous rides in Atlantic City

Newark and Jersey City 

Newark is the second-largest city in New Jersey and it also has a lot of attractions worth seeing. Interestingly enough it has one of the largest collections of cherry blossoms in the United States. Furthermore, the Newark Symphony Hall has a fine art collection at various galleries and museums around the city. One of the best activities in the city would be to take a boat tour along the seven scenic miles of the Passaic River. On the other hand, you also cannot forget about Jersey City itself. It is one of the most rapidly growing cities in the state. As with any large city, you can find a lot of amazing restaurants, gallery’s, stunning parks, interesting cultural sites, and a thriving art scene. If you think that this city matches your personality well commander you can even move here with movers NJ to SC. 

Places in NJ that will take your breath away – Cape May and Clinton 

Cape May is a historic little beach town that is amazing to visit all year long. First, visit the beaches and try out some water activities such as boating, sailing, and visiting the famous Cape May Lighthouse. After you are done with the beach, it is time to enjoy the historic part of the city. You can visit places such as the WWII Artillery Bunker, Cape May Point State Park, and many more. There are also guided tours if you wish to hear more about the history of the city. On the other hand, you should also visit Clinton. The Raritan River runs through the city with its famous 1870 iron bridge. The view from this bridge is amazing since it has a 200-foot-wide waterfall. Again, if you end up falling in love with any of these places, you can always move with movers Secaucus NJ. 

a lighthouse
You need to visit the famous Lighthouse

Boonton and Asbury Park 

You probably know all about the Underground Railroad that helped over 40,000 slaves to escape to their freedom in Canada. Well, Boonton is famous for being a significant place along the Underground Railroad. Many abolitionists work from this small town to abolish slavery. In addition to this, you should definitely visit Boonton falls which is one of the main reasons for the irony industry here. The best park in the city would be Grace Lord Park with a fountain, falls, and even a gazebo. Another small city worth mentioning would be Asbury Park. It has one of the most magnificent sandy beaches and fantastic entertainment options. The city has a famous beachfront boardwalk where all the best shops, restaurants, cafes, and arcades are located. You can always hire movers Hoboken NJ to move somewhere to be close to all of these amazing New Jersey places. 

Places in NJ that will take your breath away – Wildwoods and Elizabeth 

If you’re looking for the best vacation spot for your family, then this would be Wildwoods. This city also has an area that covers 5 miles of beaches. It has over 9 million visitors only in one year. There are so many attractions to visit and try out along the boardwalk. Of course, most people spend their time at the beach, relaxing, participating in water activities, or just simply enjoying their vacation. On the other hand, Elizabeth is the 4th largest city in the state and it is one of the oldest cities in the nation. If you plan to visit this city, you should definitely take a walk through historic midtown Elizabeth where you can visit more than 12 historical sites. In addition to this, Elizabeth also has over 40 parks that include Warinanco, Mattano, and many more. 

amusement park ride
There are some amazing rides in Wildwoods as well

More places to visit 

Here are even more places in NJ that will take your breath away. 

  • Seaside Heights 
  • Barnegat Lighthouse State Park 
  • Ocean City 
  • Liberty State Park  
  • Paterson Great Falls 
  • Trenton 
  • Island Beach State Park 
  • Hoboken 
  • Allaire State Park 

As you can see, all of these places are extremely beautiful and they deserve more than one visit. If you have enough time, you should definitely visit all of them but if not then choose the one that you like the best. Of course, you can also add your suggestions when you are making your list. However, you should definitely start with some of the places mentioned here because they are definitely worth visiting and spending a couple of days there. 

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