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We understand that it may be challenging to get the right moving service for your oversized items. Often this may be because you do not have a suitable vehicle. Or you think that the cost of moving the piano outweighs the benefits. Gibraltar Van Lines provides you with a professional service that can bring you results by not allowing price to be the determining factor. When you need piano movers NJ, you can feel better when you call experts. Reach out to our moving representatives and get your free estimate in a matter of minutes!

Piano from an upward perspective
Leave the fragile and robust items such as your piano to the professionals to handle.

Gibraltar Van Lines has more than 40 years of experience providing quality and efficient moves for all types of pianos. Whether they are antique, upright, spinet, console, concert grand, or any other – our piano movers NJ can relocate it. Pianos can be a problematic item to move because of their size and fragile nature. Our expert residential movers NJ have the knowledge and experience to safely transport your piano to your new home without a single scratch. Contact us for a free moving estimate and consultation today!

Piano movers NJ residents trust and recommend

Whether you are moving locally or relocating to another state, our professional piano moving experts in NJ are here for you. Let Gibraltar Van Lines guarantee that your piano will be safely transported and settled into your new home. Our local movers NJ are aware of the craftsmanship that goes into a piano, and that they are both an instrument and a piece of art. We use the utmost attention to detail and careful methods when we pack and move your piano. The Gibraltar Van Lines team makes it our goal that your piano is safely cushioned and carefully placed within our truck.

We are committed to your satisfaction and pride ourselves on delivering your belongings, including your piano, to your new residence without any incident. When in the care of our piano movers NJ, you can trust that your piano will be transported with the utmost care and efficiency. We are here to offer you peace-of-mind and one less thing to worry about during your relocation.

Why choose the piano movers NJ from Gibraltar Van Lines?

There are more than a few good reasons to choose a specialist when your piano needs to be moved. Especially when it needs to travel a long distance to get to its new home.

Cat on a white piano
Just point us in the direction of your piano and leave the rest to us.

Our piano moving team will ensure your safety

Due to the massive size and weight of a piano, transporting it by yourself should never be an option. Safety always comes first and, during relocation, your safety can easily be compromised. If you hire our piano moving team in NJ, we’ll ensure you stay 100% safe and out of harm’s way.

Besides, with our experienced team by your side, not only will you get to avoid all possible moving injuries, but you will also make sure your precious piano stays safe. Our piano movers NJ have years of training and experience behind them, making the process of moving a piano as safe as it can be.

We have piano movers NJ that won’t break the bank

Here at Gibraltar Van Lines, we completely understand that relocation is very expensive. Especially if you have to hire interstate movers NJ because you are forced to move to another state. Instead of saying no to services you really need simply because your budget doesn’t have room for it, you ought to find affordable piano movers. And that’s precisely what we offer – an experienced, qualified, and trained team that comes with fair prices. That’s right – with Gibraltar Van Lines, you don’t have to compromise on quality.

In case you want to know how much money you’ll have to set aside for our piano moving services, as well as our assistance in general, we suggest you request a free moving estimate NJ. Once you get a quote for us, you’ll realize that one of the reasons NJ’s residents love is that our price is always right! With no hidden fees and extra charges, you are bound to love us too! And soon!

Dollar bills to pay for piano movers NJ.
With affordable price and high-quality services, Gibraltar Van Lines’ team of piano movers will be a godsend.

Gibraltar Van Lines invests a lot of resources into our movers…

We are constantly told that our services are top-notch. As nice as it is to hear that, we don’t like to rely on it for too much. Instead, our team invests in what really matters – our movers. Our NJ piano movers are constantly attending different training sessions, as well as searching for innovative moving solutions. This world is a quickly-developing one, and we would like to develop with it!

With all the new knowledge they are acquiring, and with all of their past experiences, our piano movers are able to quickly and efficiently solve all piano moving problems. Moving a piano is much different than moving your furniture – that’s why it takes a set of people who are specialists in this area. With every problem being solved in a quick manner, we will ensure that your piano isn’t a big obstacle on your moving day.

…as well as our equipment

Moreover, we here at Gibraltar Van Lines have also invested a lot of funds into our piano moving equipment. In order for nothing to go wrong on your moving day, cutting-edge machinery is needed. Rest assured that our team has modernized moving equipment which will ensure both you and your item stay safe. With special regards to protecting your floors and walls when lifting and carrying a piano, our movers will maneuver the equipment with such ease that it will amaze you. You are bound to be satisfied with our piano moving services NJ from start to finish!

Our piano movers NJ will know how to safely disassemble your piano

Depending on the type of piano you have, some disassembly might be in order. Disassembling furniture is generally a great way to transport and pack some of the more complicated items, and piano is certainly one of them. By detaching only those pieces that can be detached without compromising the safety of your piano, we’ll ensure your item gets the best treatment. Besides, we have all the tools for carrying out this task, and we are not afraid to use them.

Once your item is safely unloaded at the new location, our team will reassemble it. It will be as if nothing ever happened, as there will be no consequences or visible damages. Packing and moving a piano is only as difficult or as easy as you make it. With our piano moving team by your side, this process can be as easy as it gets. You decide!

A couple shaking hands.
Seal the deal with our piano movers and make this process a quick and stress-free process.

Let moving stress become a thing of the past

The prospect of moving a piano will inevitably be a stressful one. That is, it will be if you decide to do it by yourself. If you hire our NJ piano movers, you’ll quickly rid yourself of all the moving stress. Everything will be easy once you have our team in charge – we will plan out the moving process so that you don’t have to. And we will not only provide muscles – but we will also put in the brains. Everything that makes us into one of the best movers in New Jersey will be put in motion during your piano relocation. You deserve it!

The challenges of piano moving

Oftentimes, and most usually due to a lack of funds, people decide to attempt a DIY piano relocation. Those endeavors usually have a catastrophic ending. In order not to make a similar mistake, you have to be aware of all the things that make piano moving so difficult. It’s those same things that are an additional reason to expand your moving budget so that quality piano movers NJ can fit in.

Pianos are very heavy to move

The most apparent reason to encourage a professional to move the piano is weight. Simply put, pianos are heavy. Most of the extreme weight associated with any piano comes from a solid cast-iron harp that holds all the strings. No matter the type of piano, add all the parts, and even the smallest pianos (e.g., backs, consoles) easily weigh 300-400 pounds or more. Our piano movers New Jersey can quickly solve the problem using modern and quality equipment.

Pianos are robust and oddly shaped

If weight were the only factor, moving the piano would be as easy as calling a group of your strongest friends and asking them to come and show their muscles. But it is not so easy. By nature, the piano is large and very awkward. Pianos have a particularly unusual form, and they are often unusually high.

All pianos, be they grand or upright, are built in such a way that it is almost impossible to distribute their overweight evenly. One small shift up or down or in any direction can create a sudden and unexpected change in balance, weight, and inertia. All this makes lifting, carrying, turning, and maneuvering any piano (inside or outside of any home or building) simpler. You especially need this in case of narrow corners or up and down the stairs. That is all work that requires the specialized knowledge and experience of our professional piano movers NJ.

Piano movers NJ can provide the safety of your fragile piano

While it has long been used as a script for cartoons and comedy, the simple fact is that an uncontrollable piano is not a funny thing. A severe injury is a real possibility when you try to move the piano without proper care and precautions. As well as without sufficient foresight and experience of what might happen. Even a minor injury, such as an improperly stretched muscle or a tense back, can have a lasting effect, perhaps even for a lifetime.

Along with this, serious damage to the home, building, property, and, of course, the piano itself is a frequent risk at every stage of the journey. If you want to transport your piano safely, our piano movers are the right solution for you.

We know that pianos are expensive and delicate, and we take the utmost care of them

New pianos are rarely bought directly, and old, exceptionally rare or highly desirable models and antiques can still have a higher monetary value. Any damage caused by moving (from a scratched finish to a broken leg, cracked hull or even worse) can be extremely costly. And adequate repairs can cost a not so small amount.

Covered piano in a home
Our piano movers NJ handle your piano as if it were their own.

Moreover, the wrong attempt to move the piano can cause severe damage to your investment, dramatically reducing their cost. But in fact, the piano is a very complex and delicate mechanical, musical instruments. Even if you have slightly compromised it while moving, your cherished musical instrument will never be the same.

Professional piano movers NJ are aware that your piano can mean a lot to you

The piano also carries with it something else. Something that is always much higher than the monetary value. Whether it’s:

  • an expensive family heirloom,
  • a cherished instrument for a professional musician,
  • or just a source of invaluable family happiness and memory,

pianos are unlike anything else. They are a work of art and, under any circumstances, treasure. When it comes time to move, you and your piano deserve the best. Do not settle for an average moving company and do not try to do this particular task yourself. Call the experts!

About us

For many years we have been working as the local piano service in New Jersey. And we have the skills and equipment necessary to perform even the most difficult moves. If you are looking for a way to move a piano, freezer, jacuzzi, or other large items; we will provide you with affordable means to do so. We are one of the best piano movers that NJ can offer. And our long distance movers NJ always strive even higher to provide additional services that you can trust.

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We put a lot of effort into becoming high-quality piano movers NJ. With the additional services we provide, you will find that you can quickly and efficiently deal with any situation that may arise. When looking for a service that puts quality into every step, you can expect Gibraltar Van Lines to give you an offer you can rely on. No matter what problem you encounter when it comes to large objects, you can rely on our experts. We will provide you with solutions that you can count on.


We are the source of a quality piano and large items moving around the state for many years. And the reason for our excellent reputation in the care and dedication we bring to this unclear, but important moving services NJ. Our movers will make sure that your piano gets to its final destination quickly and without a scratch.


During the entire period of your move, you may find that your schedule is reset by events beyond your control and requires storage. In these events, Gibraltar Van Lines will provide you with the same level of experience and care for your property with storage services NJ as we do as professional movers. We are committed to helping you solve any problem, and storage is another one of these options.

Moreover, if you want to put your precious piano in storage, we can help you prepare it, secure it, and transport it. As full-services movers, catering to all of your needs is our goal. And when moving, you might have many of those needs, which is when our special moving services NJ enter the scene.

We can also handle the packing

Our moving company also specializes in piano packing. We carry a variety of packing materials NJ, including foam-layered covering and moving pads that will add a protective layering to individual pieces. We promise to pack safely, load, unload, unpack, and reassemble your piano in your new home in the same condition we found it in.

Our piano movers NJ will pack and secure your piano
Let our piano movers NJ handle the job they were hired and trained to do – relocate your piano.

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If you are looking for quality piano movers NJ, it is important to know that you can quickly and easily connect with the professionals that you need. At Gibraltar Van Lines, we provide you with the opportunity to communicate with informative experts directly. Our piano movers NJ can provide you with the necessary information, details regarding our services, and provide you with the cost of moving the piano. When you need accessibility and accuracy, you can count on Gibraltar Van Lines to provide you with the quality services you need at every stage. So contact us today and schedule a safe move for your piano.

For more information on our piano movers in NJ, call Gibraltar Van Lines today at 1-800-262-3499.

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