Packing your garage for relocation 101

Packing is the most stressful and time-consuming part of the relocation process. It involves planning, decluttering, hiring movers, setting up the moving date, labeling boxes, and unpacking. People usually pack their garage last, as this is probably the most difficult part of the house to relocate. Not only do we keep tools and garage equipment here, but many other items we don’t need or use currently. Also, it’s important to be extra careful when packing your garage for relocation. Many sharp, odd-shaped, and potentially dangerous items reside here. That is why garage packing tips are particularly useful during the moving process.

Sorting and organizing

Packing your garage for relocation takes a lot of time and energy. That is why it’s important to start planning early. The first step is to organize it and sort out your tools. During this process, you will probably find many items you no longer need or use. Downsizing before the big move can greatly facilitate this process. You will save time because you won’t have to pack and unpack the unnecessary belongings. Also, this can save you some money, as movers’ cost is based on the weight and volume of your possessions.

Create three piles: toss, keep, donate. If some items are broken or in a bad condition get rid of them. On the other hand, some things that you don’t need anymore can be useful to someone else. Organize a pre-move garage sale and make some additional money.

Organize tools when packing your garage for relocation
Organize your tools before packing

Gather the necessary moving supplies

Preparation for the relocation includes setting a moving budget. Creating a checklist can help budget the moving expenses and facilitate the moving process. You can research moving companies that offer packing services and check if they fit into your pre-determined budget. Professional movers will handle your possessions with care and pack them safely. If you decide to handle packing your garage for relocation yourself, you will need to gather the right supplies.

It’s best to use the original toolboxes as they are designed to provide transportation security. If you don’t have factory boxes, make sure you use ones that are sturdy and durable. Get them in different sizes, tape top, and bottom, and label them. Use bubble wrap and furniture blankets to protect your items. Be particularly careful when handling blades and sharp parts.

Tips for packing your garage for relocation

Once you have organized your tools and gathered supplies, you can start packing. All small hand tools should be closed safely in your toolbox. This includes screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, hammers. Place power tools in their original boxes. Detach removable parts and wrap the power cord around the tool or put it in the cable compartment. You should wrap all tools in bubble wrap for best protection, especially those with sharp edges. Gas-powered tools can be particularly dangerous, especially if you leave fuel in their tanks.

These tools include lawnmowers, string trimmers, chain saws, leaf blowers, etc. You must drain all liquids before moving them. Otherwise, moving companies will refuse to transport them, like any other flammable items. You can check with a moving company which items are on the list of the “non-allowable”. Professional movers will not transport items such as ammunition, fertilizers, and gasoline.

How to pack larger items?

It is not easy to properly pack large pieces of garage equipment, which is why garage packing tips are particularly useful. You should disassemble all pieces of larger furniture to facilitate their transport. Then, wrap them in furniture blankets for extra safety. Also, disassembled bicycles if you have them  – remove the handlebars and wheels, and pack them in the original boxes.

Packing bicycles
Disassemble larger items before packing

As for large gardening tools, such as shovels, rakes, garden fork, and spade, tie them together with a rope and wrap sharp edges in moving blankets. One more thing that you should particularly consider during the move is moving insurance. Keeping your belongings safe is the most important part of this process. There are different types of insurance that companies offer. Whether you choose released value protection, full-value protection or third-party insurance, this has to be an informed decision.

Label boxes when packing your garage for relocation

An organized move includes coming up with a system for labeling boxes. Buy a set of color markers and moving labels. Give each box a number, color, and priority. You should write all the essential information that will help you identify the content of a box on the side of it. If you write it on the top you won’t be able to read these details when the boxes are piled up. Also, your notes should have enough details to facilitate the moving process and unpacking. Write the destination room – in this case “garage”, content, and special instructions such as “this end up” or “handle with care”. Labeling is not a difficult task, and it will save you a lot of time. It makes relocation easier and more organized.

 label boxes when packing your garage for relocation
Always label boxes when packing your garage for relocation

Start packing early and plan your move

The moving process is notorious for being unpredictable and chaotic. However, good preparation will ensure a smooth move. It’s important to start planning and packing early in order to ease the stress and keep control. Garages and storage spaces have a particularly bad reputation. A garage is often the last room packed in a home because it takes a lot of time. First, you need to sort out all your possessions. That doesn’t include only tools and garage equipment but, in most cases, all items that you don’t need or currently use. That’s why it’s important to get rid of the unnecessary items before you start to pack.

Also, garages all filled with sharp, odd-shaped, and hazardous items that you need to handle with extra care. Come up with a good packing tactic or hire professional movers NJ. They can help you plan, pack, wrap, label, disassemble, and transport items. Be safe and have a happy move!

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