Packing Silverware for Moving To Florida

When preparing for a move there are many important details to keep in mind. Packing all of your belongings properly can be a challenge. Besides large pieces of furniture that need to be dismantled, there are all sorts of smaller items that can pose a problem. For example, at first glance, bundling up all your silverware or cutlery may seem like a simple task, but actually requires some consideration. As an experienced moving company, we at Gibraltar Van Lines can give you a few useful pointers when it comes to this. So, whether you are packing silverware for moving to Florida or anywhere else, you could benefit from our advice.

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What you need to know when packing silverware for moving to Florida.

Where to begin?

Before you start, there are some things to consider. Depending on what you have in your cutlery drawer, the packing process might differ slightly. The first thing that is important to know is whether you have a cutlery tray or not. The second thing to take into consideration is the value of your items. Nowadays most silverware is not actually made of silver. More often than not it is made of stainless steel but there are some other metal alloys that are also in use. Whatever the case, if you own any real silver pieces of kitchen utensils, that will require additional care when packing. All of this will be discussed further in the text.

Another thing that could be important is how far you are moving. If the relocation is a short one, there is less risk for things to get scraped, tarnished, or otherwise damaged. But in the case you are planning a state to state move, such as moving to Florida from NJ (New Jersey), you need to take extra care of smaller household items. Silverware, especially the sharper items, for example, forks or knives, can cause damage to your other belongings if not properly handled, or can even lead to physical harm. To avoid any of that you should pack them correctly, and to do so here is a list of the materials you might need:

  • Small cardboard box
  • Packing paper and/or bubble wrap
  • Stretch wrap
  • Duct tape
  • Marker
  • Chalk (for silver cutlery)

Packing silverware for moving to Florida with and without a tray

As previously stated, whether you have a silverware tray will affect how you pack your kitchen utensils for a move. When long distance movers NJ to FL come to relocate your belongings, you will want everything to be boxed up and ready for the moving truck.

a man packing silverware for moving to Florida
When packing silverware use a smaller box.

Packing silverware with a tray

This is perhaps the simplest way to pack your kitchen utensils. All you need to do is put all the cutlery in its usual place in the cutlery tray. Make sure not to forget anything. Fill any remaining gaps in the tray with packing paper or bubble wrap to prevent things from shifting around during the move. Wrap the tray with a piece of stretch wrap to stop the dust from collecting on your items and to keep everything in place. Put the cutlery tray in one of the smaller boxes. If there is still a place left you can fill it with other kitchen items. Any remaining gaps can then be stuffed with more packing paper. Close the box and tape over both the bottom and top of the box. Finally, clearly mark the contents of the box.

Packing silverware without a tray

Most larger households have a cutlery tray. But if you live alone you might not need it as you own fewer pieces of cutlery. If you are relocating your business instead of your home, you might also lack the tray. As our office movers in NJ can attest, a lot of smaller offices have only the necessary kitchen utensils for making a good cup of coffee and maybe a basic snack. This means that all the silverware is probably just placed in a drawer without any particular organization. So in the case you are packing silverware for moving to Florida without a cutlery tray here is how you should do it:

Find a flat empty surface, such as a kitchen counter or a table. Put a few sheets of packing paper down on it. You should use a couple of papers since one might not be enough to prevent anything with sharp edges from poking through it. Organize all of your cutlery by type and size, teaspoons go with teaspoons, butter knives with butter knives, and so on. Stack up the same type of silverware together and put it on the packing paper. Roll the paper over the stack and continue bundling it up. While you do that make sure to tuck in the edges of the paper, to further secure the content. Seal the package up with the tape. Repeat this process for all the silverware you have sorted out. In the end place all of the rolled-up cutlery in a smaller box.

Packing real silver cutlery

When it comes to actual silver, the process of keeping it safe is a bit more complicated. To begin with, you might want to consider insuring more valuable items for your move. There are different types of valuation so be careful. If exposed to moisture for periods of only a few days, silver already starts to acquire darker spots or tint that is called tarnish. To prevent this when preparing it for a move, make sure that all your silverware is completely dry. Most of the silverware sets come with their own boxes or chests. These chests are specifically made to preserve the silver from oxidizing and in turn being tarnished.

silver cutlery
When packing real silver you need to be extra careful!

But in the case you have only a few silver forks or spoons left you can still protect them when packing silverware for moving to Florida. All you have to do is place the pieces in a tissue paper or plastic bag. You can put them in bundles or wrap them up individually. Make sure that they are clean and dry. Put a small piece of chalk in with them. The chalk can absorb the moisture and prevent or at least slow down the tarnishing process of the silver.

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