Which supplies to use when packing items for storage?

It is may not be difficult to organize the relocation of an apartment, house, office, or business premises when you know the date in advance, so all preparations can be done on time. However, it often happens that the need to relocate appears suddenly – without much time for planning and proper preparations. That’s where renting storage really comes in handy. But – which supplies to use when packing items for storage? These useful tips on how to organize a move and storage supplies will help you out.

Packing items for storage 101

Before you start thinking about packing items for storage, make a relocation plan. Of course, hiring professionals such as Gibraltar Van Lines can only help you out during your move. Ask what are their options for storage, and see what items do you have. For example, do you need short term or long term storage, do you need a climate-controlled unit, etc.

couple packing items for storage
Do you know which supplies to use when packing items for storage?

When making a relocation plan, make a list of things that you need to move and see what is the best way to pack. Check if the furniture needs to be dismantled and if so, plan time to do that. Provide parking space for the vehicle transporting things to your new location. When you have planned everything well, start with the realization. You can purchase the moving materials first because there will be no relocation without packing supplies.

Here is a list of supplies you can use when you pack items for storage:

  • wrapping material
  • moving boxes of different sizes
  • moving blankets or furniture pads
  • stretch plastic wrap
  • packaging tape with a tape gun
  • labeling markers
  • glue
  • scissors
  • large bags 
  • adhesive tape (wide) and paper adhesive tape (narrow)
  • protective foil

All this you can get with your moving company. You can also explore some of the packing and crating possibilities to help you move. Or, if you have plastic bags, laundry baskets, suitcases, etc. – you can use all this for packaging. Also, save a larger amount of old newspapers that you will use when packing fragile items (cups, plates, decorations). You can also use vacuum bags or, space bags if you have them or you can borrow them for moving; they are great for packing clothes.

Explore your storage options

Looking for good storage options is also part of the moving plan. Of course, finding reliable storage Montclair NJ can also be challenging. Again, calling a few companies and looking into their options is always the best idea. They can give you advice on relocation, storage, and transportation. When you’re packing items for storage, you can also ask a moving company if they can help you out.

A good moving company can give you advice on relocation, storage, and transportation.

How to keep your items safe while in storage

To protect mattresses or pieces of furniture you can use old blankets or old bedding instead of stretch or crackling foil. Visit local stores and look for anything that could be used for protection, from cardboard boxes, a leftover protective foil to Styrofoam parts.

Finding good cardboard boxes for storage

When purchasing cardboard boxes for moving, the best option get boxes of the different dimensions for the sake of better packaging for moving items. In any case, this is not that important, so any solid cardboard box can serve when carrying lighter items. What is important is how to pack things in boxes and ensure that they remain undamaged. Also, keep in mind that you will need quality cardboard boxes for larger items.

Packing moving items into cardboard boxes

This is a simple process, but despite that, many make mistakes and pack their things as if they were someone else’s. There is no need to damage anything if you follow a few rules regarding packing in cardboard boxes:

Smaller cardboard boxes

Use smaller cardboard boxes for heavier things. So books, dishes, appliances, collections of CDs, DVDs, etc. – all this you can pack in smaller boxes. For example, a larger box is filled with books and the box is so heavy that only a forklift can lift it. Aside from that, even the cardboard box itself can’t withstand so much weight that it causes things to break and fall out.

Larger cardboard boxes

Use larger cardboard boxes for lighter things. Wardrobe, bedding, toys, etc. is packed in larger boxes. Instead of cardboard boxes for a lighter wardrobe, larger plastic bags, vacuum bags, and the like can be used. When packing, place heavier items on the bottom of the box first and lighter items over them. If empty space appears on top of sensitive items, fill it with paper or some soft material.

Place heavier items on the bottom of the box first and lighter items over them.

Mark fragile items in cardboard boxes

When you are packing items for storage, be sure to mark the box containing fragile items, and if necessary, strengthen the outer part of the bottom of the box and the edges with wide adhesive tape. You can also put old newspapers (or wrapping paper) between fragile items, for example when packing dishes. Glasses, cups, plates, etc. will thus be protected from breakage. Arrange all these fragile items upright in a cardboard box, and you can put a piece of cardboard, cracked foil, cloths, or whatever you have already intended for that purpose between them.

In any case, when you pack items for storage, keep in mind that they may be left there for a longer period of time. That’s why you need to always add some extra protective layers. Finding a reliable storage solution is always the best idea. In this way, you can rest assured that all your items will be safe.

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