Packing and moving IT equipment 101

Your computer is an investment, whether you are using it for business, communicating with family and friends, or simply enjoying games. Of course, you want to protect it from damage during relocation. And with careful planning and proper packaging, your computer can be safely transported when moving. If you want to move your business, the solution is easy. Simply call office movers NJ and every item from your office will be carefully packed and moved. If, however, you want to do it on your own, here is our packing and moving IT equipment 101 guide. Read on!

Packing and moving IT equipment can be a stress

Packing and moving IT equipment can be a difficult job, but unlike other complex aspects of the relocation process – finding the right apartment, furniture, truck – this seems like a simple task. And we know how moving an address can be hard. Imagine moving all the way from New Jersey to Florida, and having to think about all the details. Sometimes you think that calling movers NJ to FL is enough, but if your packing is not right, you can damage your equipment… Plus lose your nerves!

Packing and moving IT equipment
With careful planning and proper packaging, packing and moving IT is easy.

And packing seems like an easy task… What is there really to it – stuff everything in boxes, close it with tape and it’s over! Well, we all know that nothing is ever as simple as it seems at first glance, especially when it comes to moving IT equipment!

Moving means changing your entire life

Reorganization, packaging, and relocation, in general, change your life. To perform it your way. The action of the packaging itself is much more than playing with moving boxes. Your whole life should be packed in 50 boxes and taken to the unknown. So there is an art when it comes to packing things in moving boxes.

And it is easy to assume why – if they are not properly packed, your computer hardware will not be sufficiently protected during movement and transfer. Not just that. Some of your favorite appliances like blenders, old lamps, paintings can all be damaged with bad packing and moving. And in order to avoid such unwanted situations and to secure things in the relocation process, you need to know how to pack the boxes with your IT equipment properly.

computer chips
Your computer hardware have to be sufficiently protected during movement and transfer.

What kind of boxes do you need to move IT equipment properly?

New, hardboard boxes with the carved surface are the best choice when it comes to safe and convenient packing and moving IT equipment without any problems. If you want to save on packaging and use old boxes for packaging purposes, at least clean them well and secure them enough so that their contents do not move due to transport. The boxes simply need to be in excellent condition, with no cracks, curved edges or torn corners. If you don’t know which boxes to use, look for a great variety of moving boxes online.

Proper packaging for IT equipment

Let’s keep it real: the relocation company is most qualified to pack your computer equipment properly. If you decide to pack it yourself, you can always opt for some kind of moving insurance. Whatever you decide, you should put your computer in the original box if you still have it. If you do not have the original box, do the following:

  • Find a sturdy box large enough for the computer case to be surrounded by a protective material.
  • Old newspapers, sponges and crackling foil are the best materials for packing IT equipment. They will serve as a protective pillow.
  • The Central Processing Unit (CPU) should be handled with extreme care. This part of the computer is particularly sensitive to shakes. Again, use a large enough box and plenty of protection material on all sides of the case. Repeat all these steps when packing an external drive.

Also, if you have a laser or inkjet printer, take out the toner and all the cartridges and carry them with you – especially if moving takes place in periods of high heat. For other types of printers, the top of the printer should be secured, preferably in its original packaging, to prevent it from moving in transport.

Besides this, take special care when packing the monitor, as this is one of the more sensitive and valuable parts of a computer. The monitor should be transported it in its original, factory packaging. If possible, the passenger vehicle or your car should transport the monitor.

Let’s keep it real: the relocation company is most qualified to pack your computer equipment properly.

Here are some extra tips that you can use when packing your IT equipment:

  1. Reinforce the bottom and edges of the box with tape. Thus, the cardboard box will not easily break under its own weight in transportation;
  2. Throw some crumpled paper or some soft wrap at the bottom of the box to make a cushion for items you is putting inside;
  3. Wrap individual items with paper or bubbly foil to protect things as much as possible. Also, any old towel, some soft cloth can be useful. Avoid using newspapers for this as they may leave a black mark on sensitive surfaces;
  4. Pack each item of your IT equipment separately in order not to damage it;
  5. Fill the box to the top with soft paper. In a half-filled box, things can be damaged during loading and unloading. Be careful, because the box should not be too heavy.

Upon completion of transport and unloading of your IT equipment

At your destination, check your IT equipment. If anything is missing or damaged, contact a moving company for assistance. Wait for the computer to reach room temperature before turning it on. If it was especially cold, watch out for condensation as moisture can also cause damage. In the end, we hope you now have a better idea about packing and moving IT equipment.

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