Pack a PC for moving like a pro

When being relocated by Hudson County movers, it is important to be sure that all of your items are perfectly packed. Some of those items are more and some are less fragile. The more fragile items require your full attention and need to be handled very gently. Because that is not the easiest job in the world, we will help you pack a PC for moving like a pro with some important reminders and useful tricks.

What do you need to pack a PC for moving?

Because packing a PC is a delicate process, it is important to make sure you do everything you can perfectly. There are certain steps to take, and certain things you need. Before we explain what those steps are, let us explain what exactly do you need. Before anything, you need to prepare adequate, high-quality moving supplies to protect your PC and all the parts that go with it. This includes different sizes of boxes, enough tape, bubble wrap, paper or other protective materials, and some markers. Besides this, it would good be good if you could have a cable manager to make the process much easier. Here are the things that have to be done:

  1. Prepare packing supplies you need.
  2. In order to pack a PC for moving, you should clean it first.
  3. Disassemble everything you should and prep all parts for packing.
  4. Protect the PC and all the parts with adequate materials you have prepared.
  5. Pack everything into boxes of the adequate size and seal them properly.
PC-pack a PC for moving
If you want to pack a PC for moving like a true pro, then you will have to follow a few very important steps.

How to pack a PC for moving?

Now, we can continue to further explain those 5 steps. We went over the first one which is preparing packing materials. After you have prepared all the packing supplies you need, you can start cleaning, disassembling certain parts, preparing cables, protecting, and generally packing the entire PC. Once you know how to do this, hire some of the best moving companies NJ offers and you will have a great move.


Every person that uses a PC knows that it is important to keep it maintained inside and out. This is in order to make it last for years and keep it working perfectly. You can find detailed instructions on how to clean a PC online. Still, you probably know the basics. It is recommended to do the cleaning before the actual packing so that you can just take it out of the box and wrapping when you relocate. Besides this, the poor PC will endure quite a trip, if you shower before any long road, why would you not clean your PC as well?

Cleaning the PC is very important. There are spray bottles containing a special chemical that is used only for the purpose of cleaning computers.


After the cleaning, it is only logical to prepare the parts by disassembling them. By this, we mean disconnecting everything and unplugging. This is for the sole purpose of protecting and packing. You will not pack everything the way it is, you must pack every part and item separately so it can really be protected properly. Make sure you have separated your mouse, cables, PC, monitor, and other possible extra parts you have. This is so that each item can be protected completely and it does not get damaged by another item. Especially if you are moving long-distance and you need your items to stay put for a longer period of time.


So, you have done everything so far and the next step is to use adequate materials to protect all those parts we keep reminding you to separate. People usually use bubble wrap or simple paper-like wrap. You can use whatever you want, mostly, the only important part is to wrap the item completely and in many layers if you can. Bubble wrap is the best option because those same parts usually are in bubble wrap when you buy them. Your office movers NJ will do their best to keep your PC safe, but you still need to protect it perfectly to endure all kinds of trips.

It is time to pack a PC for moving like a pro

If you have followed all of the steps so far, then a good job to you. We have just one more step to get through and it is the final one, so to speak. We assume that you have prepared boxes of adequate sizes. The best option would be to use the original packaging you bought your PC and all other parts in. If you did not save those boxes, you will have to make do with what you have or with what you can find. There are a couple of important rules when putting your prepared and protected PC parts inside of boxes. The first rule is to pack the PC case separately from everything else. The second one is to never leave holes and empty space inside of the boxes you use to pack the parts in. This makes the probability of damage higher. Always fill that extra space up with newspaper or more bubble wrap.

If you do not have the original packaging you bought your PC in, you will have to make do with what you can find. Make sure you have boxes big and small enough for all the parts.

We believe that you have done it

With our instructions, there is no doubt that you will pack a PC for moving like a pro. If you have other means of protection, do apply them. Just remember to back up the info from your PC and label the boxes that contain it as fragile. We honestly hope that this was all helpful information and that you will not have any problems regarding your computer. Take one step at a time, do not rush the process, and make sure you seal those boxes properly with a lot of sticky tapes. Be very careful and we wish you good luck!

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