Opening a new location for your business – Florida edition

You could be expanding your current business or you are opening a new one. No matter the reason, you need to pick a good location for your business. You should take opening a new location for your business seriously. Florida can actually be a good choice for you since the job market is booming recently. So, if you have made up your mind and have chosen Florida, Gibraltar Van Lines will help you in your moving process. First, you need to check local zoning regulations. Then, you really need to take time, to check the costs of running your business in the desired spot. For that, you need to pay special attention to rent and utilities. You can opt for a home-based business,  review your lease (if you rent your home), and do a couple of other things too.

Let’s check out what exactly do you need for opening a new location for your business in Florida

There are many good reasons why moving to Florida from NJ to start a business is a good choice for you. The regulatory requirements are minimal and the State is keeping its business taxes low. in addition to no personal income and death taxes, the Sunshine state sounds almost perfect. The state’s higher education institutions are close with the business community. That is why Florida’s businesses are expanding. Here are some most common steps to take, if you are considering opening a new location for your business in Florida:

  • register with the Department of State
  • inform yourself properly about taxes
  • check out the local regulations and apply for a permit
  • open your business bank account
Pavement, shoes and a message
For opening a new location for your business you need to be passionate about it

Opening a new location for your business requires you to register with the Department of state first

In order to check in properly, you need to complete and submit the Articles of Incorporation. You can find that on Florida’s Department of State Website. You will need to gather the business name, corporate purpose, physical and email addresses, stock shares, the effective date, and payment. The name needs to be original. The purpose of your business needs to be very clear. For example, digital marketing, teaching English as a second language, practicing medicine, etc. As far as the effective date is concerned, it needs to happen no more than five business days before, or 90 days after DOC receives your Articles of Incorporation. Long distance movers NJ to FL will help you with the moving process. However, you need to take care of the business side. You can even hire a business consultant if it will be easier for you.

Check everything about taxes

Even if some people tell you differently, the best thing for you is to check-in as a sales and use a tax dealer. It is important to do that since they will apply to the sale, lease, rental, or license to use goods. They will also apply to commercial property. All types of companies doing business in Florida must file for Florida’s Corporate Income Tax. So, whether you are opening the new business or just expanding it to Florida’s location, there is a set of rules that you will need to follow. So, basically, there are differences and similarities between NJ and Florida when it comes to laws. Still, if you plan to move your business from NJ to Florida you need to do your business research, and the office movers in NJ will take care of the rest.

a cup of coffee and tax documents
You need to be detailed about tax laws when expanding your business

Check out the local regulations and apply for a permit

In most cases, you will need to apply for a business permit. Florida’s Department of Business & Professional Regulation gives out licenses for geologists, industries, restaurants, and similar. While on the other hand, Florida’s Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services provides licenses to businesses such as private investigators for example. Florida and its municipal governments may have their own specific requirements for new businesses. Therefore, moving small businesses from NJ to Florida requires additional permits and licenses. The same goes for bigger businesses too. Just be brave and apply. They have no reason to say no to you.

Open your business bank account

Maybe you will not have to open a business bank account. However, whether you are opening a bank account as a small business, or a bigger one, it’s always a good idea to keep business and personal accounts separate. It will help you at tax time or any other important situation. The best option is to work with a bank that offers different account types for businesses and individuals. The main reason why opening business bank accounts can be useful is that they come with business-specific perks. There are new plans that are ideal for your company’s needs. Longer billing cycles or higher credit limits are good examples. Of course, there are many more probably, but these ones are most important for you.

Florida's beach
Besides a booming job market, Florida offers you beautiful beaches and sunsets. You will enjoy it!

Opening a new location for your business in Sunshine State is a reasonable choice. The economy is the 4th largest in the states. Especially if you own a small business, you will be very successful in Florida. That is because small businesses are essential for Florida’s economy. Florida’s unemployment rate is at a low of 3.4%. It is very awesome because the national average is 3.6%. The main areas are tourism and food services, healthcare, and social assistance. Then, we have professional, scientific, and technical services. Also, the last but not the least are construction and retail. Of course, it is not pleasant to open new business locations. You will face a lot of risks. However, if you say no to this amazing opportunity, you will regret it. So, be brave and embrace the challenge!

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