Moving your business from NJ to FL – all you need to know

You decided on moving your business from NJ to FL. Great news! But do you know how to cover each step ahead and do it successfully? It won’t be an easy feat for sure, and if done wrong, it can severely hurt your budget. But let’s cover this topic together and avoid such a scenario. We will help you forge a moving plan and cover each aspect of your relocation. Let’s go!

The whole story begins with a moving date

The moment you realize your moving date, you must list down all the moving steps ahead. You can’t contact your movers NJ before you have everything covered on paper. Therefore, create a moving checklist that will help you as a guide through the process, timeline, and moving costs. Also, you will need an inventory list to cover all the equipment and office supplies you are relocating. And the bigger the business, the more there will be on the list. And if possible, you should engage a few of your trusted colleagues to help you with the moving logistics. Hopefully, you will have a couple of months ahead and you’ll be able to cover each step easily.

You need proper plan if you are moving your business from NJ to FL
Figure out the moving date and start creating your moving plan.

Although, keep in mind that bigger relocations take more time to organize and execute. If you have a fairly large business, you won’t be able to cover everything in a 3 month period. Consider taking 3-6 months to prepare, organize, and calculate everything. But as soon as you have rough estimates you can call your movers and involve them in the process. They will surely help with a tip or two.

Do you have the furniture plan in place?

You must create a furniture plan when moving your business from NJ to FL. You already covered the inventory list and all your equipment and furniture are there. Now you need the layout plan for your new offices so you can set everything accordingly the very first day. And you must consult with your colleagues when working on this one. Especially if you are the one who is designing their new working space. So, listen to your fellow coworkers and try to keep them satisfied while keeping the business flow intact.

Several people looking at the blueprints
Check out the blueprints of your new building and create the layout you like the most.

The best way to do this is to obtain blueprints of the new building that will host your business. This way you can organize and make the best of it. You should know how many floors, hallways, and office spaces there is. Also, where the restrooms, kitchen, and break areas are located. Once you finalize your new office layout, provide the basic information to your long-distance movers NJ to FL. This way they will move your furniture and other equipment more efficiently and place it exactly where you told them to.

Moving your business from NJ to FL with a proper task coordination

You must know from the start that you won’t be able to do this alone. Or maybe you can, but in that case, your relocation will last for a year and it will cost much more than you anticipated. So, to prevent such an outcome, you should seek help from your coworkers and appoint tasks accordingly. The first step is to pinpoint and locate everyone that can help with the moving process. As we said before, you will appoint the most important tasks to your most trusted colleagues. The rest of the team can help with minor but equally important tasks. For example, someone can cover the packing supplies and obtain all the moving boxes NJ necessary for this project.

And your coworkers can make packing easier if each employee packs their stuff and get it all ready for the moving day. This is often the best practice because this way you will avoid all the unpleasantries related to touching other stuff. Not to mention that they should be responsible for their belongings and equipment. Therefore, start with a simple email informing everyone about the basic moving details. Then address coworkers that you want to enlist and communicate with volunteers as well. We are sure if everyone pitches in you’ll have much easier and more affordable relocation on your hands.

Calculate costs before moving your business from NJ to FL

Moving your business from NJ to FL is a big step and it will have an equal moving budget tied to it. This is probably something you should cover at the very beginning so you have a better picture of your possibilities. Include the following into the list of the moving costs:

  • Moving company
  • Packing materials
  • Moving services
  • Legalities
  • Renting fees
  • Business downtime
A woman counting dollar bills
Calculate your moving budget carefully and try to cut costs if possible.

Once you have all the info necessary, approach your movers and let them send a moving representative on site. They will evaluate the whole deal and provide a precise moving quote. From here you can work your way toward the final moving cost.

Have you found a professional moving team?

We mentioned a moving company several times by now. But have you found yours already? If not let us provide a piece of advice. Firstly, you’ll need office movers NJ to cover the business relocation. They have all the tools, equipment, and licenses to cover your moving project. But more importantly, they have the knowledge and understanding of how important your move is. A professional office moving team will relocate your business with zero downtime and set up everything in a matter of hours. But know that such a moving team is usually booked months in advance. And that is the reason why you must give them a call as soon as you have your moving date and basic info available.

Legalities tied to a business move

This is an extensive topic but we must briefly cover it. You are already aware that your move is tied to a bunch of legalities, documents, and paperwork. Hopefully, you have a good accountant that can cover each and every step. If not, you should do it, and depending on the size of your organization, you should cover the following. Take care of your personal documents as well as all the moving-related documents. Then, take care of your employee’s documents as well. You must inform all the teams involved about the change and ensure all the legal aspects, laws, and regulations are followed. Contact human resources, payroll team, and all other departments, as well as your vendors, clients, and all 3rd parties involved. Moreover, you should cover this step in due time because some legalities take more time to get processed than others.

This was it, now you know how to organize when moving your business from NJ to FL. Work as a team and work closely with your employees and you’ll have a positive outcome. And if you find a reliable moving team, only a successful business relocation awaits for you. Good luck.

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