Moving your book collection: tips and tricks

One of the moving tasks that most people dread is packing. Not only will you realize how much stuff you have in your house, but how much time it takes to prepare everything for the move. In order to have a smooth and easy relocation, all movers NJ recommend that you prepare ahead. Whether you’ll start months or weeks in advance, it’s up to you and how much free time you have. When it comes to packing, you can do baby steps day by day, or rush everything the night before. Of course, we all want to avoid the latter option! Moreover, when you begin to pack on time, you’ll have more time to properly protect each time. For instance, if you think that moving your book collection is the easiest thing, you are wrong. Read on how to prepare your library for the relocation!

Do you think moving your book collection is easy? Think again!

Sure, books are sturdy, not oddly shaped, and fairly easy to pack. At least, that’s what most people think before they start to actually pack their home library away. Of course, it’s still easier than moving your fine art. Moving valuable artwork takes a lot more preparation, as it is more likely to get damaged if not packed properly. On the other hand, books are something you think can hardly take any damage in the moving truck. But, if you’re not prepared, they can lose their shape, some pages might rip and they can get moisture damage.

cardboard boxes and books on a table
Preparing your book collection for a relocation can be easy – if you follow our tips and tricks, that is!

First things first, take a good look at your shelves. Before you start moving your books, decide if you want to move it all. Some home libraries are small and don’t contain more than 50-100 titles. However, if you’re a true bookworm, you’ll find yourself with a few hundred titles that movers Nutley NJ have to carry and relocate. Why not donate or sell those you might not want to keep? Here are a few places that will gladly accept your books if they are in good condition:

  • Many schools will take your children’s old books
  • Libraries will take almost everything – you just have to ask!
  • Local shelters accept donations as well

Bonus tip: if you have a friend or a neighbor who is an elementary school teacher, and your kids are no longer reading their childhood books, give them away. Teachers often make their own little library in classrooms, and they will be more than happy to take your old book collection!

woman browsing through books
Every book lover knows what a great feeling it is when you find that one perfect book. Why not make someone else happy by giving them free stories to read?

Pay attention to how you pack the books in boxes

Now that you’ve decluttered your library, it’s time to take the books off the shelves. Because of their shape, they are fairly easy to stack in cardboard moving boxes or plastic bins. However, there is one thing you have to keep in mind when moving your books. They are HEAVY. A couple of books are easy enough to carry, but if you try to put 20-30 books in one large moving box, it’s a lot of weight. Not only are there higher chances of the box breaking apart, but also the person carrying it might get hurt.

That’s why it’s a better option to get smaller boxes and fill them up about 75%. The rest of the box shouldn’t be empty, though. Your books can tumble around, lose shape, and rip if the box gets overturned. Fill the rest of the box with light clothes, towels, or other light-weight objects. That way, the books can’t move, but the box won’t be too heavy for the movers to carry. In case you really want to use large boxes for your books, you have to ensure they are properly wrapped. Use a lot of tape for all sides, and let your moving team know that they should use a dolly to carry these boxes to the truck.

Are you moving your book collection far away or putting it in storage? Keep these things in mind.

The longer the books are in boxes, the more chances there are they will get damaged. Especially if you plan to put them in storage for a little while until you set up the shelves in the new house. As we previously mentioned, the paper easily attracts moisture, and this is something you need to watch out for. There are a few ways to avoid your books getting moisture damage:

  • Store them in climate-controlled storage units. These are specialized units that have proper air circulation and temperature control. They are a great option for storing sensitive items, such as books.
  • Avoid using cardboard boxes with handle holes. Not only can moisture come in, but little pests as well. You don’t want your book collection to be a meal for the mice!
  • Don’t put boxes with books on the concrete floors. By placing them on the shelves, even in a storage unit, you’ll avoid condensation issues.
a plant on top of a book stack
Properly packing and protecting your books will keep them in great condition. You don’t want your precious collection to get dog-ears, moisture damage or ripped pages, do you?

Last, but not least, think about how you’ll organize them in the new house

This goes especially if you are moving your book collection that’s pretty big. Get the shelves up before you unpack the boxes filled with books – so you can put them up right away! If you have a particular organization system that worked for you in the old house, it’s a good idea to take a picture of your shelves before you take anything out. You can look back at that picture when arranging them in the new home, and not lose your mind trying to remember which book goes where!

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