Moving your artwork from NJ to FL 101

Moving isn’t a job that can be completed in one day. It already takes a lot of work and planning. The process of moving can be very stressful and demanding, especially when it comes to moving your artwork from NJ to FL. Artworks belong to the group of antiques and valuables. They can be bulky and large, and the real challenge can be packing them. Because they require a different approach and way of packing than other things from your home. Gibraltar Van Lines is a moving company, which can cope with any moving challenge. You need to be careful and choose the right way and approach as well as adequate packing. Because only in this way will your valuables not be damaged during transport and moving. So, in this text, we will give you some useful tips when it comes to moving artwork.

Moving your artwork from NJ to FL

Artwork belongs to the group of very sensitive and delicate things, which need to be handled properly and carefully. Professional photographs, art paintings, oil on canvas, tapestries, etc. are just some of the works of art. But when you make the decision to move and you have some of the artwork in your home, then you need to be well informed about the move and how to pack the artwork. Any advice, as well as professional help, will come in handy.

Girl who moving your artwork from NJ to FL
Moving is not a process that can be completed in one day, but it requires good organization and a lot of time.

So, when moving to Florida from NJ, and you want to move your artwork with you, you will need to know that a little different and more careful preparation is needed. The canvases on which the images are painted are very sensitive and it’s very easy to damage them. Therefore, they must undergo adequate preparation and must have safe packaging. Also, the paintings in the frames are sensitive and must be properly protected and packed. Therefore, before you start packing your artwork, make sure that you did all the following tasks:

  • Consulted with the moving experts.
  • Procured adequate and quality packaging.
  • Prepare your artwork for the packing.
  • Found protection material.

Find adequate packaging for your artwork

So, we have already said that when you pack your artwork you have to be careful and do all the work properly. To begin with, we will give you a list of things you will need to pack everything safely.đ

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Adhesive tape
  • Wrapping paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Paper tape
  • Marker
  • Cotton and linen cloth
Artworks on the wall.
When moving your artwork from NJ to FL, you need to prepare them for packing.

When we say packaging, we mean the cardboard boxes that you will need for the final packing of your pictures. You need boxes of different sizes and dimensions. Because depending on the size of all the pictures you want to pack, the size of the packaging will depend. Cardboard boxes are the most suitable for packing such things because you can find them in various dimensions, which is a bit more difficult when it comes to plastic boxes. You can also use cardboard boxes when it comes to office moving, and in that case, you can consult office movers in NJ. They can give you adequate advice when it comes to finding packaging and how to pack various things. Also, protective material needs to be procured to protect your artwork from damage during transport. 

Prepare your artwork for moving to FL

Florida is one of the most developed countries in the United States. If Florida is your choice, and you want to move, that’s a very good decision. Because not only will you have very good living conditions, but you will be able to enjoy art. Museums and galleries are just some of the places where you can see some of the most famous artwork and really enjoy it. All you have to do is contact long-distance movers NJ to FL, and ask for their help. They can help you to pack and move your artwork properly. 

Preparation involves the procurement of packaging and protective materials for your belongings. You can find all necessary moving supplies on internet sites, like Amazon. Also, when it comes to artwork, it’s necessary to measure everything and determine the size of the packaging. Then, clean your pictures if there is dust on them. But with a dry cloth so that the paint would not be damaged. After you have done this part of the preparation, sort your items and prepare the packaging and protective material, then move on to the next step of packing and protecting your artworks.

Pack and protect properly your artwork

Once you’ve done all the previous tasks, it’s time to pack your artwork. So, follow the next steps.

  • Secure the glass of frame of your paintings. Glue the tape to the “X” on the front, over the glass part of the frame. This will prevent the glass from breaking and the crack from spreading.
  • Protect your artwork with wrapping paper. You can wrap a picture without a frame in paper and glue the edges of the paper. This will prevent dirt and damage, as well as expose the artwork to direct light, which can be harmful.
  • Bubble wrap. After wrapping the pictures in paper or canvas, and protecting the glass frames with tape, wrap them in bubble wrap. Bubble foil will prevent “walking” in a moving box.
  • Time for moving box. Once you have protected and prepared all the artwork start with the final packing. Put your picture in the box, then crumple and insert newsprint in the space between the box and the picture. After that, stick the box and mark it with a marker by writing “artwork” on it.
People who pack artwork in paper foil and bubble wrap.
You need to pack your artwork safely and properly.

Moving your artwork from NJ to FL will not be a difficult task if you do everything organized and according to the instructions. Don’t miss the opportunity and ask for professional help that will really be of great use to you. Remember, what matters is that you are well organized and your artwork pack properly and safely, according to the instructions. Good luck!

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