Moving with a car: make it easier with these tips

One of the things you’ll probably worry about most when moving is your budget. Since most of it would be spent on movers Verona NJ, your logical next thought might be to avoid movers altogether and organize a move by yourself. This is certainly a possibility, especially if you’re moving locally and have your own vehicle. But it’s not exactly the path of least resistance. So if you’re considering moving with a car, you’ll want to do everything you can to make it easier. And the tips we’ve collected here should help you with that.

First things first: is moving with a car even a good idea for you?

It’s not impossible to use a personal vehicle for moving. However, it’s not always the best idea either. If you’re moving from NJ to NC, for example, that might be a bit too much for a single car ride. Remember: you have to pack everything you own and want to move in your car and if you’re not moving locally, you won’t have the opportunity to take a few trips. So if you have a lot of stuff or you’re moving far away, then using your car may not be the right choice. When is moving with a personal vehicle a good idea then? Ideally, your relocation will fit all of the following criteria:

  • you’re not moving a lot of stuff, especially not large piece like furniture
  • your car is big enough to fit a lot of things inside and in a good enough condition to haul a lot of weight
  • you’re not moving very far away
  • you’re looking to save money by not hiring movers

If you only tick some of these boxes, you’ll have to think about your priorities and decide based on that.

A jeep you can use for moving with your car.
Depending on your move and your car, relocation with a personal vehicle may or may not be a good option.

What to do with your vehicle if you choose a different way to move

If you were planning on driving to your new address and then changed your mind somewhere along the way, you may not have considered how to move your car without sitting behind the wheel. Luckily, in case you do decide to hire movers at a later date, you can ask for auto shipping services. That way, your car will be moved safely and efficiently with the rest of your possessions.

How to make moving with a car easier

If you’ve decided that relocating with your own vehicle is your best choice after all, you’ll have to face the fact that this type of moving will be a bit different from the norm. You’ll have a lot less space to pack your stuff in. You’ll have to worry about your vehicle. There’ll just be a lot of things you wouldn’t normally be thinking about. So how can you make this relocation easier?

Start by getting rid of stuff – a lot of stuff

It is always a good idea to declutter when moving. It gives you a chance to get rid of things you no longer need, make the packing and loading work easier, and start your life with a breath of fresh air. But it is especially important to do this when you’re using your car for the relocation. No matter how big your car is, it’s nowhere near the size of a moving truck. So if you’re planning on using it for relocation, you’re going to have to count a lot less space than most people have when relocating. For this reason, it is important to get rid of as much stuff as you can.

Girl surrounded by boxes.
Getting rid of stuff is an important step in every relocation.

You can donate your things, sell them or just toss them. But whatever you choose to do, be brutal in your selection of what can stay and what needs to go. Aim especially to get rid of big and bulky things like furniture or big appliances.

Clean and prepare your car for the move

Before you can use your car for relocation, you need to make sure that it can handle such a trip. So have a professional look over your vehicle to ensure that everything is in perfect order. Remember to clean your car thoroughly before packing in it for a move. Finally, fill your gas tank and mark gas stations along the way on a map just in case!

Maximize the space you have and consider adding more

Since space for all your belongings is the biggest problem you can have when moving with a personal vehicle, you want to maximize it as much as you can. This means taking out any old stuff you keep lying around in your car, clearing out the trunk, bringing down or even removing seats if you can and even potentially getting an overhead carrier if you don’t already have one. Basically, do whatever you can to give yourself as much space as possible. Don’t just use your trunk – put things in empty seats and on the floor. Just remember not to block your own view. You will still need to leave enough space to be able to drive in reverse and see behind yourself.

Woman looking into the trunk of her car.
Use every bit of space your car has from the trunk to the unoccupied seats.

Packing will be a bit different when moving with a car

Normally, people pack their stuff for a move or a storage unit using boxes and containers in a variety of sizes. That, however, will not work if you’re using your car. Instead, you want to pack things in plastic bags or wrap them in bubble pack. This will give you more options when playing Tetris in your trunk and save space that would normally be wasted on empty air in unfilled boxes. However, the same rules that apply to loading a truck will apply to packing your car – put heavier things at the bottom and stack lighter things on top.

If all else fails, get help

If you follow these tips, you should have no trouble moving with a car. However, even the best plans sometimes fail. There’s a possibility that your car relocation won’t go as you intend it to. If you run into any problems, remember that you can always contact professionals for help. While movers are usually booked well in advance, some Jersey companies offer same-day and emergency services. So all is not lost even if things start going south! Keep a number for professional movers of your choice handy and you’ll be fine.

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