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Moving out into any new area brings with itself a unique set of challenges. After all, the moving process itself is rather complex. It is only natural considering it involves taking one’s whole life and relocating it to a different place. This is why most moving guides will talk about a specific subject like how to move with pets or how to pack antique furniture. While these can greatly help out with any move, people moving to a specific place will want to know and prepare for that particular move. If you have decided that you will be moving to New Jersey, for example, you will want to know more about how to conduct that specific move. With that in mind, we’ve decided to write this article. We really hope it will help make moving to New Jersey a breeze for you!

Where to move to in New Jersey

One of the first and most important things to decide when moving to New Jersey (or anywhere for that matter) is where you will want to move to. Luckily New Jersey is not lacking in interesting places to settle down. So, we enlisted the help of moving professionals from interstate movers NJ to bring you a list of interesting places you might call your new home.

Jersey City

Starting off is one of the great melting pot cities of the US – Jersey City. Sitting just across from Manhattan and within the New York metropolitan area has resulted in many New York employed professionals to choose Jersey City as their place to live. This is not only due to its great connection to the Big Apple. With housing prices and cost of living being lower it is only natural that so many people that work in NY are drawn to Jersey City.

In addition to that, Jersey City has its own strong economy. Add to that an impressive amount of green spaces for a city as urban as this and it becomes clear why so many people choose to settle in Jersey City.

Jersey City skyline
Jersey City is one of the best places to settle for people moving to New Jersey


Famous for its Ivy League college, Princeton is a great town for people wanting to be immersed in youth culture. Though a relatively small town of some 30 000 inhabitants, Princeton has a lot to offer. Influenced by the same-named university, it offers an urban culture with a suburban feel. Another thing that makes Princeton great for living is its position. Sitting exactly between New York and Philadelphia, Princeton is a great jumping-off point for anyone that would be frequenting either or both of these great cities.


When researching moving to New Jersey, you really can’t skip the state’s most populous city – Newark. As the professionals from moving companies Essex County might tell you, Newark has something to offer for everyone. A booming economy including fortune 500 companies and a developing IT industry will offer great job opportunities. The colorful art scene will provide a great way to spend your time. The University Heights will provide great education choices. Finally, the many beautiful green spaces like Branch Brook Park will offer a serene day out in the nature. Truly, Newark has it all!

What to keep in mind when moving to New Jersey

Now that we’ve seen some great places to move to in NJ, it’s time to talk about a few things you should keep in mind when moving to New Jersey. As you will see, the garden state has a few specifics that you should keep in mind. Don’t worry, however, none of these are a deal-breaker!

Keep the climate in mind before moving to New Jersey

Something that is true for all moves is just how important planning is. One of the things people moving to New Jersey should plan for is its climate. This is especially true for people moving from warmer climate states or countries. The Garden State has some pretty rough winters. These make having warm clothes ready for the move an absolute must.

Also, during the spring and autumn, New Jersey is hit by heavy rainfall and storms. All this means that if you will be moving to New Jersey during the winter, spring or autumn, you really should come prepared. In these seasons you will have no choice but to store your summer clothes and come packing boots and coats.

A snow covered field in NJ
While mild, winters in NJ will still require you to have warm clothing.

Moving to New Jersey with the commutes in mind

A lot of people choose to live in New Jersey and commute to work from there. This is especially true for people living in NJ and working in New York. Also, with Trenton’s connection to Philadelphia, a lot of people move there and work in Philly. However, if this was your plan, there is something you should keep in mind.

With a lot of people choosing NJ for its lower housing options than either Philadelphia or New York, there is a lot of commuters daily. This makes NJ roads one of the busiest in the US. So, when moving to New Jersey, do keep in mind just how much time you could spend commuting. That factor should play a major role in your decision on where to settle down in New Jersey.

A traffic jam
Plan out your commute to avoid jams and long travel times.

The Jughandles

Another commute-related NJ specific is the Judghandles. In essence, these are P-shaped ramps that allow you to make a left turn. They may be strange to an NJ newcomer, but they have their purpose. With a lot of New Jersey roads having a no left turn sign, it is a common trap for people unfamiliar with NJ driving to switch to the left lane only to realize they can’t take a left turn.

Instead, what happens is that they have to drive for a few more miles to the next jughandle to make that left turn. So to avoid wasting time driving down NJ roads, make sure you become familiar with jughandles before moving to New Jersey.

Moving to New Jersey like a pro

There you have it. Reading through our guide you should have all the necessary basics for moving to New Jersey covered. What now remains is to organize the move itself. Plan it out, choose a reliable moving company and get ready for all the beauty the Garden State has to offer!

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