Moving to Hoboken NJ on a deadline

In a certain period of our lives, many of us want to change. One of these changes can be moving from urban to quiet and peaceful town, or even suburbs. Do you wanna change? If the answer is- yes, you should sit and think about which cities actually come into consideration.

Moving is an overwhelming and exhausting process, it needs lots of time nerves, and energy. We wanted to make the process easier for you, so here you can find everything you need to know about moving to Hoboken NJ.

Here is a list of important things to know when you moving to Hoboken NJ :

  1.  First of all, it’s about parking in Hoboken NJ
  2. Who lives here and where is Hoboken?
  3. What is the pricing of the houses and apartments?
  4. Nightlife in Hoboken
  5. Where is the post office and how I can get there?
  6. Can I find a new job when moving to Hoboken NJ?

In Hoboken, everything is great except parking space

When it comes to parking passes ( residential or temporary), first you will need temporary no parking stop signs for moving trucks, deliveries, and also your guests. When we have already mentioned moving trucks, Gibraltar Van Lines is the best choice for sure! Now, when you are a resident, you can apply for parking permits at the Hoboken Parking Utility office, in City Hall. If you have guests arriving by car, you can take scratch-off guest hang tags.                                                                          You even don’t need a car, Hoboken NJ is very walkable city

In general, Hoboken NJ is one of the most walkable cities in America. You actually don’t even need a car, unless you go to work by car. Moving to Hoboken NJ can be a really good idea if you consider living a healthier life, and saves a lot of money. They have car-free politics. What does that mean? That means that they have a well-organized rent car system, called ”Corner Car”. Hoboken NJ city provides you rent a car for an hour or a day. The price range is $5 per hour, and it’s available at the corner near you – for when you need a car.

Who lives in Hoboken NJ, and where it is?

You are moving to Hoboken NJ? You definitely need to know where Hoboken NJ is, and who lives in Hoboken.

Hoboken NJ is settled crossed to the West Village and Chelsea, and it is on the west bank of the Hudson River. People of all ages and nationalities live here. It’s a big percent of Hispanic or Latino people here. Hoboken produced a big number of famous people. One of them is Frank Sinatra.

Pricing of the houses and apartments

Hoboken is definitely affordable than Manhattan or other parts of New York City, which is one of the main reasons people relocate to Hoboken NJ. But, be careful, still, Hoboken NJ costs of living are high, compared to national averages. You are going to pay more for everything, even simple groceries. Hoboken is so great, that now, there is a high demand for housing in Hoboken NJ. The higher the demand the higher the price. Because of that, maybe it’s going to be challenging to find the right house for your price range. One thing that is really important here is to find good and reputable movers, such as Gibraltar Van Lines.

You should know that Hoboken isn’t really a quiet town, and if you want to avoid noise, you need to pay more for rent. Hoboken residents are usually young people who enjoy the nightlife here.                                                                                  You can expect a house for  like this in Hoboken NJ

Nightlife in Hoboken NJ

Hoboken NJ is definitely a diamond when we talked about the nightlife here. There are lots of bars, taverns, and clubs where you can go and have such a good time. If you didn’t know, Hoboken is considered for ”Birthplace of American Brewing”.

If you are not a night bird, after all, there are tons of really good restaurants where you can eat all kinds of dishes. Hoboken NJ also offers a great view of the New York City skyline, and they have parks too                                                           If you are going to relocate to Hoboken NJ you are going to have this view.

I’m moving to Hoboken NJ, where I can find a post office?

You definitely have luck!  There is five post office in Hoboken NJ. There are so many drop boxes here, so you don’t need to worry. Addresses of the post office are:

Grand Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030; Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030; Castle Point Terrace, Hoboken, NJ 07030; River Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030; Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030.

If you are moving to Hoboken NJ from another state, you should consider the professional state to state movers NJ.

Can I find a job? YES!

Hoboken NJ is a town that offers so many chances in so many ways, even on a business plan. Here, you can find over 30 schools and universities. If you are looking for employment you should know that the main industries are:

  • Finance & Insurance
  • Educational Services
  • Maid Services
  • Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

All after all, Hoboken NJ is a really nice place for a living, with great historical significance. Did you know that the first true American Baseball game was played in Hoboken in 1846? This is just another reason to move to Hoboken NJ.

If you wanna live near Manhattan, in a place with great nightlife and even better opportunities for living, you should really consider moving to Hoboken NJ. If you really choose to live in Hoboken NJ, you are definitely welcomed here! Always have in mind that your relocating should be a stress-free adventure, so, you need to hire a good moving company based on what your needs are. Try to find a moving company with experienced movers, cus the last thing you need in relocating process is ruined stuff and lost furniture.

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