Moving to Florida? Here are Some Things You Can Expect from the Sunshine State!

There’s more to Florida than sunshine and beaches. Those things are great, but there are also a lot of other reasons to make the move to Florida. It’s always good to know what to expect when you’re making a move, so you should take the time to learn about a few things that you can enjoy about living in the Sunshine State.

Good Weather

Most people do make the move to Florida because they are sick of shoveling snow out of their driveway. Florida does have excellent weather, but it isn’t all sunshine. It is consistently warm, but you are going to get some variety in the weather. Most of Florida has a subtropical climate, although the southern tip is fully tropical. That means that most of the state is warm for the entire year, although the Gulf Stream does help to keep the state from getting the extreme heat that some other regions can experience. It also means that Florida has wet and dry seasons. The rainy season runs from roughly May to October, while the rest of the year tends to be relatively dry, except for the occasional hurricane.

 Fresh Fruit

Florida is the place to be if you love fruit. It doesn’t matter if you like to buy it or plant trees in your yard. Both options are fine, and both will get great results. There are a lot of fruits that only grow in the tropics. Oranges are the famous example, but citrus isn’t the only choice. Mango also does very well in Florida, as do bananas and papayas. These fruits all taste much better when they are fresh than after they have been shipped all the way across the country, and the Floridians are some of the only people who can get their hands on them when they are at their best. Most other areas just can’t compete with Florida when it comes to fruit.

Neat Wildlife

The wildlife is going to introduce itself to you sooner or later if you move to Florida. Fortunately, most of the critters that call the state home are pretty neat. They are unlike anything found in the rest of the country because Florida’s climate is so distinct from that of any other state. The state really stands out for the diversity of reptile life that is on display. The alligators are famous, but there are also some that are small and cute. Anole lizards are everywhere, and they help to keep the bug populations under control. They’re the cute little green ones that run around everywhere. There’s also a lot of aquatic life for people that want to check it out. Dolphins and turtles are fairly easy to find, but you can also see a huge number of colorful fish near the state’s reefs. Combine that with the native population of beautiful birds and even big cats, and you can be confident that you’ll run into some sort of animal that takes your breath away. If you really love animals, you can even get involved in one of the state’s many conservation organizations to help keep the natural world in good shape.

Diverse Cultures

Even people who prefer to avoid wild animals can find something to do in Florida. It is one of the states that has turned into a true melting pot because it blends American culture from up north with immigrant cultures from Latin America. The food reflects that blend, and you can find almost any dish from South America or the Caribbean if you look hard enough. There are also tons of heritage events that you can check out if you want to experience new things and learn about other cultures.

Ancient History

Florida holds the oldest colonial settlement in the United States. It also has a long history of pirates, scoundrels, and other exciting figures from the past that have left their mark on the state. You can check out a huge number of museums if you want to learn about the past and how the state has changed over time. If you’d rather just have some fun with history, you can strap on your eye patch and head to one of the pirate festivals.

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