Moving from Verona to Hoboken 101

If you are planning on moving from Verona to Hoboken 101, you need to find yourself a good moving company. That has to be someone you can trust and who has years of experience, our suggestion in his case would be Gibraltar Van Lines. At one point in our lives, all of us are looking for a change, so if you are ready to live in a bigger city that has better nightlife and a lot more residents, we would suggest moving from Verona to Hoboken, NJ. Although Verona is much safer than Hoboken, it just doesn’t offer so many things that would be appealing to young people these days, so the move from Verona to Hoboken 101 would be a good choice to experience life in a bigger city.

Hoboken – a city on the Hudson river

Hoboken is a city located on the Hudson River, opposite Manhattan Island. They are connected by a train, ferry, subway, highway, and tunnel, which is great because the commute is super short and easy. It’s the home of baseball and Frank Sinatra and it also got really famous when TLC had a show about Buddy Valastro and his amazing cakes and pastries located in Hoboken. Hoboken got its name from Indians who smoked carved stone pipes and their term for it was Hobocan Hacking.

We all know who is Buddy Valastro, and his famous bakery. But did you know that his show was located exactly in Hoboken? I’m sure you didn’t.

People from Verona who are thinking about the move won’t have to travel long. The drive from one place to the other is about 30 minutes long. If you have a lot of stuff or just do not know how to start packing and thinking about how will you transfer all your belongings- you can find moving companies in Verona, NJ.

Pros and cons about moving to Hoboken, NJ

Moving from Verona to Hoboken is a really good opportunity for you. You can grow and explore what Hoboken has to offer.  Hoboken has a lot to offer and provides great opportunities. It’s called the most walkable place in NJ and its nickname proves it- they call it the ” Mile Square City”. Most people use that and walk everywhere because the parking situation is not the best and because of it a lot of people avoid having a car.

It’s the perfect place for food lovers because it offers some amazing cuisine, the place has great connections and transportation to New York, and offers a lot more for your “dollar” than living in other neighboring cities.

Hudson river in Hoboken Nj
Hoboken is located on the Hudson River and has a historical significance. If you are planning to move from Verona to Hoboken you are going to love the view

If you are looking for a peaceful and quiet part of the city, you should live in the Uptown Hoboken, but if you are looking for a younger crowd, more activity, and better nightlife, choose Downtown Hoboken. Surely you have planed your moving out, but it’s much easier to contact some of the movers Essex county NJ for any help you need.

Parking in Verona vs parking in Hoboken

There are some things that no one mentions to you about Hoboken. Parking and parking services. If you are coming from Verona to Hoboken you are going to be surprised by parking stands. I think that is the only negative thing about Hoboken. When you become a resident in Hoboken you can apply for parking permits at the Hoboken Parking Utility office. In general, Hoboken actually is so walkable you don’t even need a car.

If you are used to Verona parking services, you could have a little problem when it comes to Hoboken parking utilities

And what about Verona? Verona has recently developed the ParkMobile Parking App so which makes parking much easier now! So we understand that you are used to it. It may be hard to get used to new rules and regulations but is not impossible.

Prices of real estate in Verona and Hoboken NJ

The big difference between Verona and Hoboken is in the price of real estate. Verona is an affordable place for sure, and Hoboken is a little bit expensive than Verona. Be ready to pay more for rent if you are planning to move from Verona to Hoboken 101. Here you can find information about prices:

  • The typical home value of homes in Verona is $544,461. This value is seasonally regulated and only includes the center price tier of homes
  • The typical home value of homes in Hoboken is $733,873. This value is seasonally regulated and only includes the center price tier of homes.

    Luxury house
    The price of the real estate in Hoboken can be more expensive than in Verona, so be prepared to pay more for your new home

Hoboken nightlife

Hoboken residents are usually younger, so you can not expect that this neighborhood is quiet at all. This place is literally a diamond for people who enjoy the fullness of nightlife here. You can find luxury bars, restaurants, and clubs. We consider that Hoboken is the” Birthplace of American Brewing”.

You could be a little bit surprised by the nightlife in Hoboken if you are coming from Verona

After all, Hoboken is unquestionably a pleasant place for living, especially if you’re younger and wish to measure in an exceedingly bigger suburb than Verona. This place is additionally a decent chance to develop your carrier and find an honest job. Have in mind that your moving from Verona to Hoboken 101 should be a stress-free adventure, so be free to contact the movers Hoboken NJ for moving in in your new apartment. Be prepared to completely change your habits when moving from Verona to Hoboken 101.

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