Moving from NJ to FL – all you need to know

Moving from NJ to FL is a definition of a long-distance relocation. The drive is over 16 hours, after all. If you want to make your move easier, and less stressful, you are going to need to work a bit on preparation. As you may need some help from movers NJ, contacting them straight away is your first priority. Other than that, you will need to obtain all the supplies for your relocation, as well as go through the decluttering process. If you are moving with kids, they warrant some special preparation, too. Finally, long-distance relocations usually require the use of a storage unit so you might want to look into those. In this article, we are going to cover all of these topics, and more, so your relocation will be as easy as they get.

Moving from NJ to FL – Useful guide

Here is our start-to-finish moving guide for your relocation:

  • Create a moving checklist
  • Hire a professional moving company if you are moving from NJ to FL
  • Get moving supplies well in advance
  • Declutter
  • Prepare your kids for the relocation
  • Consider renting a storage unit

Do note that your move might require some additional steps. Every relocation has its own set of requirements and it is impossible to list them all. But some things are universal, such as enlisting great long distance movers NJ to FL for your move. Always try to think about the easiest ways of handling things, as you will have a lot to do. To start things off, you are going to need to:

Create a moving checklist

A moving checklist is one of the relocation staples. This handy document will, after being formed, serve you in multiple roles. First, it will provide you with a quick overview of what you need to do, and what you have already done. Second, it may give you a morale boost as you check off the tasks. It is really satisfying to cross a task off the list, after all. And speaking of tasks, everything that you need to do, from hiring long distance movers NJ to preparing an essentials box needs to be on the list. There are no tasks that do not deserve to be on the list. If you want to make your move easier, you might want to spread out the chores evenly among your household.

moving checklist
Before you do anything, create a moving checklist!

Hire a professional moving company if you are moving from NJ to FL

As this particular relocation involves a 17-hour drive, your best option is to hire professional moving assistance. That way, you will not be overwhelmed and will be fresh once you arrive at your new home. Another benefit of going with a moving company is that they can organize everything for you, as well as provide you with expert moving advice. Having someone who really knows what they are doing on your side simply makes everything easier. They have services for every situation, from storage services to special item moving services (e.g. a piano). You may want to start looking into moving companies as soon as possible, however. If you plan on moving in the prime moving season (summer), this becomes even more important as the only way to guarantee the date that you want is by booking early.

Get moving supplies well in advance

Your movers can provide you with all the packing supplies your relocation needs. This is the most convenient way of obtaining packing materials and containers but it is not the cheapest one. If you want to save some money on your move, you might want to try and find some free moving boxes. The way that you can obtain them for free is by visiting your local convenience stores. They are working with cardboard boxes daily, and they usually do not have much use for them after unloading the contents. Start by visiting those stores that you normally buy from, as they have a much greater chance of providing you with a couple of boxes. Just mention that you will be relocating and that you need some containers and they will send a box or two (or more) your way.

As for the packing materials, getting them for free involves contacting your friends and family members. Most people have some supplies left over after their relocation. Or you can go online and search the marketplaces for cheap supplies. Refer to the list of packing supplies before you start your browsing, though. Knowing exactly what you need will shorten the time it takes to obtain them.

two cardboard boxes
Always try to get free moving boxes, if you can.

Declutter when Moving from NJ to FL

Long-distance relocation prices are based mostly on the weight of the shipment. Therefore, the less weight you have to transport, the lower the price will be. This means that you might want to go through a decluttering process before you pack everything. Look for items that you haven’t used in years and those that you have newer versions of. These items are prime candidates for leaving behind. The fact of the matter is that most homes have plenty of “clutter” and if you simply pack everything, you will be paying more for no benefit. But if you identify those belongings and set them aside, they can help you pay for the relocation. You can sell them in a garage sale or via an online marketplace.

Prepare your kids for the relocation

If you are moving with kids, it is important to have them prepared for everything that might come. Moving can be really stressful for kids and you need to make it easier for them. Try to involve them in the process as much as you can, and have plenty of patience. They will most likely have many questions and concerns and it is up to you to alleviate them. Moving with kids also means that you need to prepare a special box for the trip. Include everything that your kids might require for a day or two. Long-distance moves might get complicated and you might need to wait a bit on your belongings to arrive, in some cases.

a couple with kid packing items, preparing for the relocation
Involving your kids in the moving process is a great way to make the relocation less stressful.

Consider renting a storage unit

But if you rent a storage unit, you are going to mitigate most of the problems that might happen with delays. You will also be able to do some renovations/improvements in your new home. Having a storage unit handy brings a lot of benefits and security to your move. Moving from NJ to FL is all about making sure that you are covered no matter what happens. Therefore, consider using a storage unit to bring an extra layer of security. After all, you can never be too safe!

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