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Gibraltar Van Lines offers all our customers unlimited Free Boxes (2 Sizes), unlimited packing paper and tape!

Whether you are looking to pack your wardrobe, household appliances, glassware, kid’s toys, family heirlooms, flatscreen TV, fine art, or anything else – our moving boxes NJ & packing supplies are the perfect fit for you! Made to match moving industry standards, the materials we use to pack and secure your precious possessions are top-rate. They are made to offer maximum protection during transportation. So, you can rest easy, knowing that our local movers NJ have it all under control.

Packing your belongings properly is half the moving process. Most people dislike the very notion of having to pack their entire household due to the sheer amount of time and energy it takes. However, so long as you have the best tools for the job, it can be as easy as anything else. Gibraltar Van Lines offers you the supplies you need, in the form of sturdy and resilient moving boxes NJ. With them to aid you in your packing process, you can ensure the protection of your property throughout the relocation process. And if you don’t have the time to go through the process, you can always leave the packing to our team of professionals. Contact us today to get your free moving estimate NJ and secure free moving boxes!

Moving boxes NJ
Don’t settle for less when you can get moving boxes NJ from Gibraltar Van Lines!

Do you have what is necessary for a successful move?

Moving from one place to the other is a challenging thing to do on your own. In order for everything to go according to plan, organizing the whole thing step-by-step is a necessity. The organization includes choosing the moving date, getting quality moving services NJ, and gathering the necessary packing materials and moving boxes NJ. And when it comes to packing materials, simple gathering everything you find won’t be enough. You need to be extra careful when deciding which packing materials you are going to use for the relocation. Only this way you can be 100% sure your belongings will be safely packed.

The importance of using moving boxes NJ of the highest quality for the relocation

Whether you are in need of residential or commercial movers NJ, you will need to use only the boxes of the highest quality. Let us explain to you why it is so important to be picky when it comes to moving boxes. Most of your items will be packed inside moving boxes. Therefore, it is necessary to find the boxes that will be able to survive the entire relocation! You should keep in mind that using old boxes and those that are already damaged is one of the biggest moving mistakes! Even if they are slightly damaged, avoid using them at any cost. Only the boxes of the highest quality can keep your items safe during transportation.

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Whether you need small boxes or bigger ones, we have got you covered. Our moving boxes NJ are the perfect fit for any relocation.

What can Gibraltar Van Lines offer you?

Gibraltar Van Lines is a moving company that exists for more than 45 years! We have been in charge of thousands of relocations and that gave us the necessary experience to turn every relocation into a success. From the very first beginning, the goal of our company is offering moving services of the highest quality in order to make the relocations as smooth as possible. Because of this, we are constantly being voted as one of the best moving companies in the state of New Jersey! So what made us stand out among the other moving companies even after so many years?


One of the reasons why we have been in the moving industry for so many years is because from the very first beginning we were offering our consumers quality. Therefore, if you decide to get our moving boxes NJ, you won’t have to worry anymore whether they will survive the move. All of our moving boxes are sturdy enough to handle stacking during the whole relocation. Forget about moving disasters and choose our packing materials. You will relocate stress-free!


Your moving needs matter to us! This is why all of our moving services come at a cost-effective price! We wanted to give all of you the chance of moving with no problems along the way and that is why we are one of the few companies that have low prices. In addition to this, if you stop by our website, you will be able to get a free moving estimate. This will help you plan your moving budget and determine which services you are going to need. It is as simple as this!

Excellent customer care

We at Gibraltar Van Lines can assure you that our customers are always our number one priority! Whether you want to get our moving boxes NJ or you just want to get more information about the relocation, feel free to contact us! All of our employees will gladly answer all your questions and help you choose moving services that will meet your moving requirements. Also, we can inform you more about the transit/storage insurance options that will also be available for you if you decide to hire us. As you can see, with Gibraltar Van Lines, your relocation will be in safe hands!

Our moving boxes NJ come in two sizes

Moving boxes NJ labeled by room
Get top-quality moving boxes NJ for your upcoming relocation from New Jersey

To make loading the truck easier, we have decided to offer to our consumers moving boxes in various sizes! Plan out carefully how you are going to use each size. Here are the sizes of our moving boxes that you will be able to get at Gibraltar Van Lines:

  • Medium – great for packing things like towels, decorative items, kitchen items, and so on.
  • Large – great for holding larger items like clothing, bedding, drapes, and pillows.

Even though most of your items can fit into a standard moving box, some require a more unique fit. This is why we offer different moving boxes with different purposes. Only some of these more unique types include wardrobe boxes, kitchen boxes, TV boxes, and so on.

To learn more about our moving boxes NJ and receive a free estimate of your moving costs NJ, give us a call at 1-800-262-3499.

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Excellent service.We moved across town last week and these guys did a great job. Max, Qua, Rob and Tito were professional and courteous and above all very careful with all our belongings. Will happily recommend them to friends and family.

Clayton Love

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