Moving and packing tips for state to state move

You have finally decided on taking a big step and relocating your family to a different state. You are moving to Florida from NJ and as you might know, there is a long journey ahead. One must prepare the budget, pack like a pro, find movers, and sort out legalities. So many moving tasks await you so we better start explaining how to complete them all on time. Today we will together cover the moving and packing tips for state to state move. Let’s dive right in!

Work on the moving logistics well in advance

You will begin this journey with a thoroughly laid out plan. If you have everything on paper, you will lower the chances of mishaps, unfortunate events, and forgetting key steps along the way. Therefore, start by inspecting the entire home. Check out your garage, basement, loft, and backyard. Of course, inspect all the rooms inside your home as well. Note down all the furniture you want to relocate along with all other household belongings. List it all down onto the moving checklist and use this list as a constant reminder. It will help you to stay up to date with all moving-related responsibilities. Once you have your inventory list and the moving checklist, you can call interstate movers NJ and wrap up your relocation plans. Provide your findings to them and they will make sure your relocation project is safe, pleasant, and affordable.

woman creating a checklist
Inspect your home and create your moving checklist as soon as you can.

Start with a search for a moving company

One of the best moving and packing tips for state to state move we can give is to start looking for a moving company as soon as possible. It matters greatly which company you hire and when. Simply because if you obtain quotes on time and set aside the moving budget, you can decide on the moving date and move on to the next stage of the relocation process. Therefore, as soon as you realize you are relocating, start browsing online for a reliable moving team. You will find them easily if you stick to your search criteria and compare them adequately. Check out the moving services they provide along with prices and reviews.

This way you can confirm if your movers are legit with all the licenses and permits required. Moreover, they must have all the tools and equipment to relocate you safely. Once you compare everything, start calling movers one by one until you find a match. Although, we must spare you the trouble and recommend Gibraltar Van Lines as one of the best local choices. Check them out and you will find all moving-related services at competitive prices.

Obtaining onsite estimates is one of the moving and packing tips for state to state move

Another great tip we can provide is to obtain moving quotes via onsite estimates rather than online or via the phone. If you do it so, you will have a much clearer picture and more precise moving costs. It is a free moving service where your moving representative will visit your home. Then, they will evaluate your cargo, check the environment, and establish a loading dock. After they are done, you will have a precise moving quote and movers will know if the environment is safe to work in. Also, they will know how many workers to bring, if any special tools are needed, and what size of moving truck to assign. Therefore, utilize this lucrative option and ask your movers for onsite estimates. All reputable moving companies offer this service so you shouldn’t worry about it.

utilizing onsite estimates is one of the best moving and packing tips for state to state move
Schedule onsite estimates if you want to obtain a precise moving quote.

Cover the packing process on time

One of the valuable moving and packing tips for state to state move is to pack on time. Whoever relocated will tell you that it is essential to gather packing materials in advance and start packing as soon as possible. You do not have to be fully packed two weeks before the move. But to bring the entire process closer to completion at least a week before the moving date. To time it right, you should start now. Check out the nearest hardware store or browse online. Order your packing materials and make sure they are delivered promptly. You should order the following:

  • Carton boxes and plastic bins.
  • Adhesive tape and packing paper.
  • Blister packs and plastic cover.
  • Markers and labels.

Once you have it all, pack gradually removing room by room until you are packed completely. Pack bit by bit or cover the entire packing process over the weekend. Your choice entirely.

One of the moving and packing tips for state to state move we can give is to utilize moving services

As you know, movers offer a huge variety of moving services. Some are extremely useful for your situation while others are completely obsolete. Therefore, you must evaluate the situation and realize the complexity of the relocation. Then, speak with your moving representatives and figure out which services can make your relocation more affordable, safer, and efficient. For example, if you have no time to pack and purchase materials, you can hire a packing team so they can do it instead. Or if you are relocating a business, you will obviously hire office movers in NJ. And so on. Depending on your needs, some services can make a huge difference. Do not neglect it.

mover loading the truck
Mover will provide various moving services that can make your life easier. All you must do is ask.

Legalities and insurance

The last piece of advice we have is to cover all the legalities tied to the moving process on time. You should check all your personal documents as well as moving-related documents and ensure they are up to date. Inspect your personal ID, driver’s license, medical records, credit cards, etc. Make sure everything is valid and ready for use. Also, you should obtain moving insurance either from the moving company or the insurance company. Whoever provides better coverage. This way you will eliminate chances for unpleasant situations and insurance will bring another layer of protection for you and your items.

Now you have a few moving and packing tips for state to state move. If you follow our guide and focus on finding a reliable moving company, you shouldn’t have any major issues. Also, prepare an adequate budget and pack on time. If you do it right, you will have a successful and pleasant moving experience. Good luck.

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