West Orange , NJ

West Orange , NJ

With West Orange NJ movers on your side, you’ll be able to focus on other things and fully enjoy your transition. Our team at the Gibraltar Van Lines will do everything to make you feel protected and comfortable. And how we do that is by ensuring you that we can perform safe and swift local, long-distance, interstate, residential or commercial relocations. Whether you are looking for local, overseas, residential or commercial moving or just storage services, our movers West Orange NJ can help you with our advice and skills. There is no need to risk scathing your belongings or causing damage to your walls. Let alone risking a back injury. Call us and you’ll have reliable movers at your disposal.

Our movers West Orange NJ offer sturdy and secure moving supplies and boxes
Label your boxes by room and item category, and you will easily and quickly see where everything is.

Just as people are different, so are their relocation needs. At Gibraltar Van Lines, we want to tailor your moving and storage NJ plan to your needs, your schedule – and your budget. And we are proud to say that our movers West Orange NJ can provide you with personalized NJ local moving services.

Couple carrying moving boxes - movers West Orange NJ
Our movers West Orange NJ help you with your relocation.

Choose Gibraltar Van Lines Among Other movers West Orange NJ

Our packing options and additional household relocation services allow you to do what and how you want it. And as one of the best residential movers NJ, we would not allow anything else. Gibraltar Van Lines know that people don’t like surprises. That’s why with our movers West Orange NJ, the offer that our personal moving consultant gives before the beginning of your relocation is the one you will see on your invoice when the job is completed. Our offer will be based on what you have told us that you need – so you know from the start how much you will pay.

We offer supreme packaging options + free boxes!

Gibraltar Van Lines offers complete packaging Service: all items from your home will be packed by our professionals using the latest packaging methods and materials in this industry. Besides this, we offer all our customers unlimited free moving boxes (2 sizes) plus unlimited packing paper and tape!

Gibraltar Van Lines offer best residential moving services

Professional packaging

When our movers West Orange NJ start with loading your items, each packaged item is marked, listed and loaded in the correct order. In this way, our movers will move your furniture properly and without any damage. In addition, all upholstered furniture is wrapped with stretch foil, which completely covers the furniture, protecting it from dirt and damage.

moving boxes
We offer all our customers unlimited free moving boxes (2 sizes) plus unlimited packing paper and tape!

Fast and safe transportation

All our vehicles are equipped with air shock absorbers to ensure that the shipment travels the safest way possible. With this, our truck drivers are professionals who have years of experience in the moving industry and know every corner of West Orange NJ.

Secure Unloading

Upon arrival at your new address, all your items are listed. During unloading, furniture, boxes and other items are stored in the rooms you indicated. In addition, our movers West Orange NJ protects your new home by using several types of floor mats to prevent stains and scratches on the carpet and parquet floor.

Special relocation requests available


Our movers West Orange NJ can unpack your moving boxes and place their contents on a flat surface. Upon request, we can provide further deployment. Removal of boxes and material used for packaging is included in this optional service.

Antique packaging

Expensive and valuable items such as works of art, electronic equipment, and collectibles require extra care when packing. Consider hiring us for special packing to protect fragile and non-standard sized items.

Cars or boats

Transportation of larger items such as cars or boats can be included in moving services. Depending on the size, these items will be protected and stored in a truck with your other items or in another vehicle if needed.

Assembling and disassembling

Gibraltar Van Lines NJ can help you disassemble furniture, swings, pianos, etc. Of course, we will reassemble them upon arrival at your new home.

Third-Party Services

Optionally, we also offer third party services such as plugging and unplugging home appliances, installing and dismantling swimming pools or hot tubs, as well as cleaning services.

Transportation services from or to your home

If access to your home is difficult due to a narrow roadway or traffic congestion, we will provide a small truck that will transport things from your old home to a truck or from a truck to your new home.

We provide our customers with secure storage services

If you need to rent a storage unit during your move or long-term, feel free to contact West Orange NJ. Our storage facility Montclair NJ can accommodate your unique needs and conditions. Our premier storage facility can respond to all your requirements with professional service and an array of different units. We will keep your valuable belongings safe and sound during the time you are renting your unit with us. We are here for you whether you’ll be renting for a short or a long period of time.

Man handing a couple a set of keys
Our relocation services allow you to do what and how you want it.

How our relocation services work:

  • We will initially do a free relocation assessment. In this way, you know immediately what you are up to, what is waiting for you, how long the relocation will take and how much it will cost you
  • Our movers West Orange NJ carefully plan each phase. From choosing the vehicle that best suits your needs, determining the parking location, choosing the safest and most economical route, estimating the number of workers required, the type and amount of packaging to be packaged, etc.
  • Packaging your belongings. We use our own packaging (boxes, foils, adhesive tapes, etc.) which frees you from the very delicate task of finding the same
  • If you own large items such as furniture, appliances, and other items that are too large for safe transport, we dismantle them. After the shipment to the new location, we re-assemble them again
  • Loading and transporting things into the truck. This phase can be really tricky due to difficult access, lack of elevators or narrow stairs, inability to park right next to the property, etc. Things often need to be carried on hand, and similar problems that may arise like loading things through windows
  • Transporting moving items with our moving vehicles
  • Upon arrival, we unload and bring things into a new apartment. Then we unpack, assemble and put them in their places
  • If necessary, we can also offer you temporary storage for your belongings in our storage units
  • We pay special attention to specific items. Those can be pianos and other musical instruments, works of art, easily breakable objects, safes, cash registers and other objects that require greater care and knowledge when moving.

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Don’t procrastinate until the last minute to do everything for moving day. Use the opportunity to book our storage service and have all the necessary equipment and moving services at your disposal. Simply contact our movers who will fully commit to organizing a smooth relocation to your new dream home! Then all that is left to do is wish you a happy move-in day!

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As you see, our movers West Orange NJ has extensive and valuable experience in organizing relocation and moving in all parts of NJ as well as abroad. All you need to do is contact Gibraltar Van Lines and get your free moving quote now! We promise we can relocate items of all types and sizes, regardless of the place you are moving to. Gibraltar Van Lines has been providing local moving services in West Orange, NJ since 1973.

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