Alpine, NJ

Alpine, NJ

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Alpine, NJ

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About Moving to Alpine, NJ

If you’re looking for exclusivity and quiet serenity, Alpine, NJ tops the list – even a country-wide list. That is, of course, if your monthly salary can support the pricey mortgages of this upscale community.

With every home in the neighborhood boasting price tags in the millions, it’s easy to imagine the caliber of dwellings found here. A quick look at available homes on will show you just how swanky the digs are in Alpine. even listed the city in the top 20 most expensive places to live in the country in 2016 (falling from the #1 most expensive place to live just a few years prior).

So, what’s the draw? According to locals, the biggest attraction to the area is its highly exclusive and private community. In other words, it’s the type of neighborhood that offers a great deal of quiet serenity and hidden seclusion from the rest of the world. Or, to put it very simply: privacy. It is prime real estate for those who live in the public eye the rest of the time.

Yes, that’s right, Alpine, NJ is reportedly home to several well-known celebrities and public figures. According to, Alpine has been (or is) home to famous individuals such as Chris Rock, Tracy Morgan, Jay Z, Sean Combs (P Diddy), Chris Canty, and many more.

In addition to having a celebrity neighbor, Alpine offers a few other perks to its residents as well. Though it has considerably small square footage (the town is a mere six square miles), it offers a big city perk: it’s a quick 20-minutes from Midtown Manhattan. With such a convenient commute, Alpine is a highly attractive area for those who work in the city.

Parks and Recreation in Alpine, NJ

Despite its smaller size, the town has dedicated nearly half of its acreage to park preserves. The parks are part of what pads the privacy of its residents, but there are also several wilderness trails and biking routes for those who want a break from the busy city life nearby.

If you’re a golfing aficionado, Alpine is also home to an exclusive country club. The Montammy Golf Club is popular among the locals and draws a rather elite crowd from the city as well. You can also enjoy the elite Alpine Country Club if you prefer leisurely activity outside of golf and hiking.

Schools and Businesses in Alpine, NJ

While there is one school in Alpine, The Alpine School, it only serves children up to 8th grade. Beyond this level, students are bussed to nearby high schools such as Tenafly High School to complete their education.

Outside of the school, there are a very small number of buildings or businesses within the city limits. With homes being the vast majority of structures here, there are, of course, real estate agencies to handle the buying and selling.

You will not find a shopping district or even a downtown area anywhere within Alpine. In fact, the only location remotely close to a downtown attraction is the Japanese restaurant, Kiku, which is actually just outside the city limits.

On the plus side, with so little commerce in the area, the tax rates are surprisingly low. And let’s be honest here, no one is moving to Alpine because they want the conveniences of city living.

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