List of the most affordable places in Bergen County

Bergan County is known as the most expensive place to live in New Jersey. If you have decided to move there you will surely be looking for the most affordable places in Bergen County. When you are looking for a place to live, you have to inquire in detail about everything. You have to mean the way of life, the customs as well as the cost of living. Bergan County offers its residents a decent life and affordable business opportunities. Which can give you a nice life. If you decide to move to Bergan County, movers North Bergen NJ can be happy to help. They can allow you an affordable move, but at the same time very fast and without stress. In the following, we will single out for you a few affordable places to live in Bergen County and help you organize your move in the most affordable way.

One of the settlements ​in Bergan County
In Bergan County, you can offer a lot of affordable settlements in which you can live with your family.

Move to Bergen County

Gibraltar Van Lines is a company that can guarantee its customers a favorable, fast and efficient move, without stress. When you decide to move to Bergen County or elsewhere, hire a reliable moving company for your move. To make your move successful, make a good moving plan with the help of movers. The moving plan should contain all the tasks you need to do, such as packing, sorting things, obtaining documentation, etc. So, the secret to a successful move is a good moving plan.

Bergan County is the most populous county in New Jersey. Its location is very convenient and is located just a few kilometers near New York and Manhattan. It’s one of the richest settlements in this district. It offers its residents very developed health and school system, as well as plenty of business opportunities. It offers its residents quality leisure time in some of the restaurants, cafes, parks, shops, etc. If your decision is to move here, believe us, you won’t go wrong.

What are the most affordable places in Bergen County?

In Bergan County, you can find a large number of beautiful settlements where you can base your life. There are settlements where rental prices are high, but there are also those where they are slightly lower. The average lease price is about $ 1500-2200 per month. While the purchase price of a home goes up to $ 500,000 and more. Prices are approximate in all places, but they are also affordable. We will single out a few affordable places. It’s important to note that more than 50% of the people living in these settlements have their own private homes. These are mainly family people, who live with several family members and work somewhere nearby. There is a much smaller number of those who rent apartments. Mostly it’s students or young people, and couples who are just starting out and discovering life.

  • Ridgewood
  • Haworth 
  • Allendale
  • River Edge
  • Fort Lee
  • Fair Lawn
  • Alpine
  • Northvale
Two people planning their monthly budget
Move to one of the most affordable places in Bergen County, and you will have a decent life and lower living costs.

Most of these places belong to suburban environments. They are developed and have favorable living conditions. What all places have in common is that the rental price is slightly less than $ 2,000. But that is why the value of a middle house varies from place to place. For example, the value of a house in Fort Lee is about $ 325.00 while in Ridgewood it’s twice as much, about $ 700,000. What these places have in common is that every place has schools with a good educational system, as well as that they are relatively close to the center.

The price of living in Bergen County is affordable

We have already said that Bergan County is one of the most expensive places to live in NJ. The cost of living is not too high and provides a decent life. For example, a family with two children needs about $ 8,000 a month to cover all monthly expenses, including food, bills, rent, and etc. Average family costs in Bergan County are:

Apartment rent: $ 1,671
Food: $ 870
Kids care: $ 1,699
Transportation: $ 1,059
Health Services: $ 1,125
Taxes: $ 1,304
Remaining money: $ 1,025

Lastly, don’t forget to plan your move to one of the most affordable places

If you choose your ideal place in Bergan County and decide to move there, listen to our few tips that will lead you to a successful move. Bergen County movers, are our professionals who can take care of every type of movement regardless of its complexity, distance, and the number of things you want to move. Therefore, if you don’t want to find yourself in a sea of ​​boxes, don’t engage in this process without professional help.

If you go on your own, you will have a lot of obligations and unforeseen situations, especially if you are in this business for the first time. But not only that, but you have to take care of everything you need to move. You will need to find the packaging, the transport vehicle, and at the same time, you will have to deal with all the work such as disassembling bulky furniture, loading, and unloading. That is why the moving services that a moving company can offer you will be of great help to you. All of this can cost you twice as much if you work alone. That is why we give you friendly advice that will make it a lot easier for you, and that is to leave this job to professionals.

A girl playing with her dog in the park
If you decide to move to Bergan County you will have the opportunity to spend your free time in nature in some of the most beautiful Bergan County parks.

When choosing the most affordable places in Bergen County, choose a place carefully and based on your needs, possibilities, and desires. This is followed by the moving process, and don’t forget to make a moving plan. Also, never forget to look for professionals for the job. 

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