The importance of labeling relocation boxes

As the moving day approaches, you might find yourself having to deal with more and more chores. If you have already tackled packing, you have done a huge part of the job – but if not, then there is more to come! And if you are feeling like losing your mind already – then just wait until the boxes start piling up. To sort this problem, you need to start labeling relocation boxes on time. If you are unsure about how to do this, then you are in luck! The best moving services NJ are here to help! In this article, learn about why it is important to label all your boxes, as well as how to do it correctly.

Why labeling relocation boxes is so important?

First, let’s discuss why you need to put so much effort into putting labels on your boxes. After all, once you are done moving, you will just discard them, right? Well, it depends. There are those who sell their boxes or give them back to people. Some use our moving boxes so they do not even have to deal with the disposal – while some dispose of their boxes themselves. Of course, there are those who save their boxes and reuse them for different things.

box piles
When the boxes start piling up, so will your stress.

Whichever group you belong, labeling relocation boxes will help you handle the moving tasks to come, as well as keep your sanity. Labels bring order to this hectic task. Just think about how many things you have – and try to imagine how many moving boxes you will need. Now imagine that you need to find one specific item within all of these boxes. Does it seem like an easy or a difficult task? Finally, add to this the chaos of the moving day – the movers moving around your home, you having to deal with the final paperwork, your children or pets stressed, etc. This paints a pretty good picture of how troubling not labeling your boxes can be!

We should also take note of different uses of moving boxes. Sometimes, you are not moving, but putting them in storage Montclair NJ. Still, the fact remains – you should label them here as well! This way, you will know exactly what box you are looking for when entering the storage. You will not need to pick each box and go through it to find what you are looking for, and all thanks to labels!

Get high-quality labeling “equipment”

Due to the importance of labels, it is obvious that getting good “equipment” for creating these is imperative. But what should you look for? First, you will want some high-quality markers. It is not a smart idea to use just any pen. Labels should be clearly seen, but also water-resistant in case of rain. You should also aim for a good selection of colors since it will be good to create a color-coded system for labeling. This increases the efficiency of your move, but we will discuss it in the next paragraph.

a marker
Make sure you get high-quality markers to label boxes.

When it comes to the labels themselves, there is a lot you can do, too. First, you can simply write on the boxes without creating a separate label. Otherwise, you can use the labels that many boxes come with, and save time in this way. Many office supply stores also offer moving box labels that you can get, or you can download, create and print your own labels at home!

Finally, you can create them from scratch. However, always keep in mind that you should make sure the labels are water-proof. Don’t print on regular paper, because it can be torn or wrinkled, or otherwise damaged by water.

What system for labeling relocation boxes should you use

Now, the time has come to discuss exactly how you can label your boxes. The best way is to create a simple code that you will know and use at all times. This does not mean that you need something special and complicated – just assigning each of your rooms a color is enough. For example, if you know your kitchen is yellow, then you will look for the yellow-marked boxes for a kitchen item. Then, you will add more layers to your system by further organizing the boxes within the same category. So, for example, you will have silverware type, special markings for appliances, and so on.

color-coding system
Create a color-coding system to keep everything in check.

You can use numbers or write the names of things on the box. It is also a great idea to create a list of items to have on you at all times. On the list, include which item went into which box. This way, if you need something during the move, all you need is to look at the list and figure out which box contains it.

Finally, you need to make sure that boxes with fragile items are marked separately. Make sure you write FRAGILE in large letters on the box, with an arrow pointing which side should go up. This will help you and your movers when dealing with the boxes to help keep anything from breaking or going awry.


To conclude, there is a lot that you need to remember about packing for your move. It is a huge task – and you should take a lot of time for it. However, no one can deny that labeling relocation boxes is essential to keeping everything in order and having a more efficient packing and unpacking process. If you are unsure about anything, then make sure you contact us and we will gladly help you with any moving task!

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