How to identify good eviction movers

Landlords can face difficulties in their line of work. Not only is it always a risk to take on new tenant, but the ones you have may become very stubborn about leaving. With the rent well overdue or the apartment becoming increasingly damaged and neglected, the landlord becomes forced to seek eviction. What follows is a legal process that if resulting in a favorable sentence will give the landlord the right to evict the tenants. That is where the skill to identify good eviction movers comes in. These professionals will help you deal with your unruly tenants easily. All that remains is to learn how to find the right ones.

Why are eviction movers needed?

Before we dive into how to identify good eviction movers, we must first understand the role of eviction movers. As the industry professionals from moving companies Essex County NJ might tell you, there are two situations here. The first case is when a landlord wins a legal proceeding against the tenants. The other is when tenants themselves decide to hire eviction movers

Evicting as a result of a court ruling

As the landlords are not allowed to enter the tenant’s living space, they can issue an eviction notice. This serves as a notification for the tenants to leave by a certain date. If the tenant refuses a court proceeding might ensue. In that case, a landlord may call the police and hire eviction movers to remove the tenant from the space. This in fact serves as a way to enforce the court ruling. However, in this case, the eviction mover must pass certain requirements that are there to ensure the safety of the evictee’s belongings. So, in this case, to identify good eviction movers means to find ones that pass the requirements.

A gavel
One of the reasons you might need to identify good eviction movers is because of a court ruling.

Tenants hiring eviction movers

The other case is much less dramatic and much more common. After receiving the eviction notice, the tenants decide to hire eviction movers. As interstate movers NJ might tell you, in this case, the eviction moving company serves as an emergency moving service. Here it becomes especially important to identify good eviction movers. Skilled professionals will be able to move you out quickly and without damaging your belonging. They will also be able to store your items safely until you can pay to pick them up.

What are the traits by which you can identify good eviction movers?

There are several things to look out for when trying to identify good eviction movers. No matter if you are the landlord or the tenant you will want to know these to ensure the eviction goes smoothly. After all, in most evictions tensions may be running high. With the police, legal personnel and other actors present, the person being evicted may feel agitated. That’s why it is important to find movers that stay calm in situations such as these. Apart from that, you will want to find skilled movers and a company that meets all the legal requirements.

The legal requirements

The legal requirements for an eviction mover company is to be:

  • Licensed
  • Bonded
  • Insured

To be licensed they need to pass approval from the government showing that their business is legitimate. Bonded means that the eviction moving company is obliged to set an amount of money in case there is ever a claim against it. This will ensure you can at least get your items worth in money in case of any problems. Finally, to be insured guarantees that the company can compensate you for any damages to your items during relocation. Just as not having these is a red flag for fraudulent movers, so it is a legal requirement for any moving company looking to work in evictions.  These limitations are there to ensure that the tenant’s items are preserved during an eviction.

A documents binder. One of the ways to identify good eviction movers is by checking their licences and other legal requirements
There are many legal requirements for an eviction moving company.

Skilled movers

The thing about eviction moves is that no matter who called the moving company, the landlord or the tenant, neither wants the tenant’s items damaged. The tenants obviously want their items kept safe until they find a new place to settle down. The landlord, on the other hand, needs to make sure no damage to the tenant’s property occurs. Otherwise, they might be facing legal action. This goes so far that the eviction companies may not even throw out the obvious tenants garbage. Everything needs to be kept safe. Therefore both groups will be looking to identify good eviction movers that can perform any task, be it packing art or packing a bunk bed.

Find calm eviction movers

A final trait you can use to identify good eviction movers is how calm they are under the pressure of an eviction. As we mentioned before, these stations can be very volatile. Especially if the tenant is being removed. Therefore hiring professionals that can keep their calm is vital. They might even be able to calm down the evictee, bringing the tensions down. Therefore it is a smart idea to hire eviction movers with years of service, that have been through thick and thin of this business.

Other ways to identify good eviction movers

As with all other types of moving companies, there are other ways to identify good eviction movers. These can range from word of mouth to online reviews and experiences. This is especially important for you if you are a tenant hiring eviction movers as your own decision. As with many other types of moves, in eviction moving there still, are moving scams. Finding professional movers and avoiding fraudulent movers then can be the difference of a nightmarish eviction and a chance to start anew in your new home.

A woman looking at her phone.
Just like other moving companies, eviction movers can be checked for reviews and experiences.

How to identify good eviction movers

We hope that now that you’ve read our article, you are well prepared to identify good eviction movers. No matter if you are the tenant or the landlord, having good eviction movers will be key to an eviction not turning it into a stressful mess. However, we are certain that after you’ve read our article, you ill be well prepared to make the right choice when it comes to eviction movers.

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