Ideas for decorating a rental apartment in New Jersey

Getting an apartment is already a financial hassle. The costs associated with securing and relocating to a new apartment, from security deposits to packing supplies and moving companies NJ, make this a tough financial feat. Therefore, it is no surprise that decorating a rental apartment is often delayed until the funds have been replenished. And knowing you will have to fix everything when moving out, you might think it’s simply not worth it. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are some interesting rental decorating ideas that won’t affect your deposit or your relationship with your landlord.

Use adhesive wallpaper

Brands have come a long way when it comes to removable wallpapers. Now, instead of lousy wall stickers that look cheap, there are stunning, chic designs to choose from. And when you’re ready to move or just make a change, all you have to do is remove the strips. Thus, you can create a beautiful wall or wrap the entire space with wallpaper without fear.

Decorative wallpaper
With wallpaper, you can get creative while decorating a rental apartment in New Jersey knowing you can simply peel it off later

Use bookcases as a central point when decorating a rental apartment

If you’re not ready to paint your apartment, don’t want to use adhesive wallpaper, but you can’t stand white walls, consider a bookcase. Take a few cheap options, make sure they are the same color, then stack them with books and knickknacks as you please. You might want to paint the back panels a bold shade to add color behind books and additions.

Don’t be afraid to change handles

Of course, you haven’t chosen furniture, but that does not mean that you cannot give the room an individual style. Replace the handles on kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets with cool ones sold at your local flea market or home improvement store. Just make sure they are safe to replace when you move out.

Remember, lighting is everything

There is nothing that makes a rented apartment smaller and darker than poor lighting. Make sure you get some table lamps, floor lamps, and even candles. Put them in the right position, and your apartment will become much brighter and more appealing. Trust us, the mood will change completely.

Room with big windows
But, if you have a lot of large windows, make sure you don’t overdo it

Rugs are your friend when decorating a rental apartment

Rugs are preferred in apartments because they muffle the sound for your downstairs neighbors and also protect the hardwoods. But they are also the easiest way to add coziness, color, and pattern to space. Make sure you don’t get too small ones – rugs should go under the furniture assortment, not next to it. There is a ton of rugs to choose from and they can be completely inexpensive.

Most importantly, have fun!

When decorating a rental apartment in New Jersey, it is crucial you make it interesting for yourself. After all, you are the one who will be living there over the following period. Buy a new lamp, hang that artwork that your fine art movers NJ delivered to you, decorate the way you like. And don’t let other people’s comments bother you. If your apartment looks nice to you, that’s all that matters.

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