How to store your gym equipment in Montclair

Gym equipment is something that a lot of people don’t have, and go to a gym to be able to use it. The ones that are dedicated to doing sports, have it in their own homes. If you need to tuck away your equipment for some time, you need to keep it in good condition. Things tend to get damaged if they are not stored properly. This is magnified if they are stored for an excessive time. High-quality equipment is really expensive, and you wouldn’t want it to get damaged. Your best bet to successfully moving expensive stuff without damage is to hire some moving companies NJ. But you also need to prepare them for that. So, how are you supposed to store your gym equipment in Montclair?

How to store your gym equipment in Montclair?

Whether you are moving or just putting your things into storage, the preparation process is quite similar. If you are putting things into some storage Montclair NJ, you need to do the following:

  • Think about safety first
  • Clean everything thoroughly
  • Disassemble items that can be taken apart
  • Store electronic equipment correctly

Safety first

Gym equipment can be heavy, and if you want to store your gym equipment in Montclair, you will have to move it. Doing it safely is mandatory. Heavy things can easily cause injuries to yourself and others involved in the lifting. Never pick up heavy items while bending forward, instead do it from a squatting position. If you are doing this with a partner, stand up at the same time to avoid tilting. The main tip we can give you here is to never lift more than you can. Doing this guarantees injuries. The safest option you have would be to hire some moving companies Montclair NJ. These are skilled professionals that know what they are doing.

Person with injuries on the hand
Safety is important when moving heavy things

Clean everything thoroughly

Workout equipment is known for getting dirty easily. Even if you are the only one that’s using it, it would be smart to clean it well before putting it away for some time. Disinfect all the surfaces that tend to get dirty like your treadmills, weights, and mats. With time, they will for sure accumulate some dust, but that will be easy to clean if you haven’t skipped this step.

Disassemble items that can be taken apart

This is a rule of thumb whenever moving something heavy. No matter if you are hiring one of the moving companies Essex County NJ or not, you need to do this. You don’t have to take everything apart, just do it until there are individual pieces that you can easily carry. You can usually fold a treadmill without too much effort, while all-in-one home gyms take more time to be put apart.

Store electronic equipment correctly

Electronic equipment is delicate when it comes to storage. Temperature fluctuations and humidity can easily damage them. Electronics are on the list of items that need climate-controlled storage. Electronic equipment is either powered by an AC adapter or batteries. Remove any batteries, since they can cause serious damage if left inside. A dust cover is a must for electronics because even if it is small, it can wreak havoc with electronics.

Picture of storage units
Electronics can benefit from using climate controlled storage units


The steps you need to take when you want to store your gym equipment in Montclair are similar to storing many other items. Proper preparation is key in this case, like in many others. You might think that something can get damaged from not being used, but it certainly can. For that reason, using the right packing techniques is mandatory.

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