How to store your art collection like a pro

Whether you’re an amateur artist or an art collector, you buy the occasional piece of art, or art is your calling, at some point the question always arises, “How do you actually store your art collection properly?” Gibraltar Van Lines knows the right way to spare your art collection from outside influences such as water and fire, and properly handle and store them at all times. Therefore, call them and ask them to help you to store your art collection like a pro. They will make sure that your art is safe and protected in storage Montclair NJ.

Art storage cabinet for storing your art collection

If space on the walls and in the apartment becomes scarce, framed works can also be stored well standing. For example, in such a custom-made shelf for works of art in a storage room. It is crucial that there is a constant temperature and humidity in it. Around 50 percent humidity at 68 degrees is considered ideal for works on paper. For photos, it should be a little cooler and less humid – a maximum of 64 degrees and 45 percent humidity. The advantage of this is that sunlight cannot do any damage here.

Store your art collection
It is also not so easy to view the works more often if you want to store your art collection.

The appropriate packaging and storage of your art collection

When a work of art is transported or stored for an extended period of time, the canvas should be left in the frame to maintain the desired stability. Movers Montclair NJ knows that every transport is always a stress for the art object. Not only in terms of mechanical damage but also already by the canvas vibration during carrying and repositioning or the climatic changes. This also applies to the storage of several works of art, which must be separated from each other. And should have a secure stand so that they do not topple over. When transporting, for example by vehicle, an expensive painting should always be placed in the direction of travel.

Oil paintings need to breathe

Unlike photos or prints, painted pictures require a minimum supply of fresh air when you want to store your art collection. For this reason, you should generally avoid packaging materials made of plastic. If you want to prepare your storage space in the best possible way, you should make sure not to use synthetic fibers, if possible, but moisture-retaining and untreated fabrics such as wool or cotton, as well as unsealed parquet flooring.

Well packed is half job

If paintings are stored without frames, there is a risk that the canvas will bend around the edges and the paint application will crack. Framed paintings that stand upright should be separated by layers of foamed styrofoam. You should generally avoid packaging materials made of plastic. Plastic not only obstructs the air supply but also increases the risk of mold growth due to possible condensation.

A wooden box on which it is written fragile
A more stable option than storing between layers of styrofoam is to use wooden or cardboard crates.

If you want to store your art collection like a pro contact Gibraltar Van Lines.  They can help you with the whole procedure from packing to transporting to finally properly storing your art collection.

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