How to store a drum set in a storage unit

Musical instruments can suffer damage if they are not stored properly. The drum set is particularly affected by temperature fluctuations and humidity. Therefore, it is important to store your drum set properly. Musical instruments last longer if they are regularly cared for and stored at a constant room temperature. Gibraltar Van Lines has a few tips for you on how to store your drum set and avoid damage.

Storing drum set: Finding the ideal storage unit 

The drum set is very susceptible to environmental influences. Therefore, do not expose them to extreme climatic conditions. Try to avoid high-temperature fluctuations and do not store your instrument near radiators. It is best to store your drum set in a well-ventilated and moderately heated room in storage Montclair NJ.  The ideal relative humidity is 50 to 70 percent. If your drum set is very sensitive, it might be worthwhile to purchase a humidifier, especially for musical instruments. You should also make sure that you do not expose when you store a drum set to direct sunlight. 

Store a drum set
When placing drums in the storage, make sure that the necessary conditions exist in the storage unit.

Not against the wall 

There is always a danger of mechanical damage to the drum kit and it is particularly high if you place them on the wall. You should always store your instrument in a case or sleeve. Cases with a floating bearing offer more protection than normal ones. Cases offer even more security. However, they should only be there for your instrument. Remember other objects in the case could damage the delicate parts of your instrument. If you do not play the instrument for a long period of time then you should disassemble your drum set. 

Pack your drum set properly

The important thing is that you pack the drum set properly before storage. In that manner, you will avoid damage. Musical instruments are not cheap and that is why you need to be extra careful. If you have the original box, pack the drums in it first. If you do not have the original packaging, ask moving companies NJ to provide you with quality packaging boxes. They will certainly be able to help you to properly store a drum set.

Disassemble your drum set

When stored, disassemble the drum kit. Put small pieces in bags to make sure they get lost. Mark each part where it goes so you don’t have problems when reassembling. Remove the drum feet and cover them with plastic wrap. Also, remove the heads from the drums and pack them separately, not one over the other.

Damage on drum set
Pack and store drum set properly to avoid damage!

We hope we have helped you by letting you know how to properly store a drum set. Remember the condition of storage plays a big role. Therefore, contact moving companies Montclair NJ, and find out how can they help you with finding the best storage unit for you and storing your drum set.

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