How to stage your Millburn apartment for sale

After you have decided to move, it is time you start saying goodbye to your Millburn apartment. As an apartment owner, you will surely want to sell it before moving to another location. Even with the best size and location of the apartment, the sale might not go that fast or easy. What all interior designers would recommend is to stage your Millburn apartment for sale. Staging an apartment means preparing it for a sale in a certain way. It means trying to bring out the best in your place and keeping its price competitive on the market. There are a lot of tricks on how to do this, some more or less financially demanding. So before engaging some of the moving companies NJ has, start with staging preparations.

How to stage your Millburn apartment?

As we have already mentioned, the purpose of home staging is to try and make it more desirable to the buyer. The idea of staging your Millburn flat is to point out the good things and try and cover up the bad ones. When we say to cover up, we do not mean lying to your buyers about the condition of the walls, floors, or something similar. We mean covering stains, fixing up holes, removing limestone from the sinks, and so on. If you do not plan on your movers Millburn NJ moving your furniture, then clean it and arrange in a way that each room has an obvious purpose. Try decluttering as much as possible, so all the rooms look more spacious.

Paint holes on the wall
When staging an apartment you need to fix everything that might leave the bad impression

Start with things that leave the first impression

When staging a house, you would need to start from the front of the house, the garden, patio, etc. When living in a building, there is not much you can do about the exterior. You can maybe trim some bushes outside of your building’s entrance and dust the staircase. The next step is the entrance to your apartment. Make sure to clean the front door and replace the doormat, so it looks more welcoming. Some of the first things people will notice once they come in are light and colors. If you want to stage your Millburn apartment, paint the walls in neutral, but warm color. Remove the curtains or open them and blinds completely, and let the sun in. Make sure not to make an appointment with the potential buyers and movers NJ to FL on the same day.

Defining rooms and showing the purpose of each free space

No room should be overcrowded with things. When you enter the room, its purpose should be obvious. Leave the essential furniture pieces and get rid of all the extra stuff. In case you have a spare room which still does not have its usage, turn it into something. It can be anything, from the home office to the guest bedroom. It does not mean your future buyers will use it for the same purpose, but seeing the room used will leave a better impression. Do what you can to emanate the sense of a bigger space, by using light colors or adding some mirrors on the walls. Some advice you can take from the Marie Kondo concept, in order to stage your Millburn flat so it looks better for sale.

King size bedroom and few more things is all that is needed when you need to stage your Millburn apartment
Leave only the absolutely necessary furniture in rooms, making them look bigger and with only one purpose

Final touches when staging your Millburn apartment

After the main work is complete, take a step back and think of the details. When staging your apartment, do not overdo it. Too many knickknacks can be repulsive. First of all, remove all the family photos and everything that might seem too personal. Put some plants on the windowsills and you can also pick some fresh flowers on the day of the buyer’s visit, and put it into a vase. If you have some art pieces, hang just one or two, that will be noticeable immediately. Take out the trash and make sure no funny odors are left from last night’s dinner. Light some scented candles or have freshly baked cinnamon cookies, it will make everyone feel like home!

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