How to recognize fake company reviews

One of the things each and every one of us would like to avoid when moving is hiring a bad moving company. For this reason, you should always do thorough research on your own. Something that you should do first is to check the reviews of the company in question. This is the place where you will find some reliable pieces of information. However, you should be aware since some of them can be false. In order for you to recognize fake company reviews, here are some pieces of advice.

Check the timing of the reviews

The first thing you should pay attention to when reading reviews is the timing. In case there appeared a larger number of reviews for a very short time frame, it is possible that they are not reliable. However, another thing you need to bear in mind in situations like these is that there are always exceptions.

The first thing you should check when reading moving reviews is their timing

Some periods of the year have major buy days, such as Black Friday and Christmas. During this time, people tend to buy more than usual. So, be very careful when checking the date of the reviews. It can easily happen that you oversee a good moving company, like movers Newark NJ. They are busy throughout the year and you can certainly trust their moving reviews.

You can recognize fake company reviews by overuse of ‘I’ and ‘me’

According to recent research, it is more likely for a review to be fake if there is the overuse of ‘I’ and ‘me’. It is possible that, when people are lying, they are trying to sound more credible by using personal pronouns. In addition to this, there is another thing you should pay special attention to- the verbs. In the same research, there is a statement that deceivers use more verbs while truth-tellers use more nouns. So, when you are reading reviews, you will know what reviews to focus on and which of them will give you the best pieces of information. However, when it comes to state to state movers NJ, this is not the case. If you choose to hire them, there will be no need for you to bother yourself reading the reviews.

Do not trust generic names and/or profiles with no photos

This is yet another thing that can help you recognize fake company reviews. It happens often that a faceless offshore company pushes bulk reviews on a site under different accounts. Their reason for doing this is simple- they would like to get as many clients as possible. However, this should be a warning to you since this can easily be a fraudulent company which you should avoid.

Profile picture
When you are trying to recognize fake company reviews there is one more thing you should pay attention to- the profile picture

The names are also fake- if there is a great number of Johns or Janes, this should be a signal to you. In addition to this, 99% of them does not have a profile picture. And not only this- many fake reviews have poor spelling and grammar. Should you come across a review written in poor English or it seems to you that it is not a way in which a consumer would express their opinion, move on.

Take a good look at the reviewer’s profile

There is a common type of fake reviews that are written by a ‘professional reviewer’. This is actually a person who was paid to give a five-star review. It is harder to find these kinds of reviews, but you certainly can do it if you put in some legwork. What you should do is to click on the reviewer profile and look at all of their reviews. If you see that they have been giving five stars everywhere without any negativity, it is possible that they are paid for. In addition to this, if you see that that particular reviewer has given several times five stars to the same company, you can be sure that this is not entirely true.

It is advisable to sort reviews

Try to avoid reading the reviews without sorting them first. This means that you should not read only the good ones, that have 5 stars only. Go for the ones that fall in the middle of the pack, that is, those that have 3 stars. The reason why you should do this is simple- these reviews are often the most insightful and honest.

When reading reviews, avoid choosing only the ones that have 5 stars- go for the ones in the middle

Of course, this applies to both the positive and negative aspects of the venue. By doing this, you will also learn whether the moving company in question is legitimate or not. Should you find satisfactory pieces of information in reviews of this kind, feel free to contact that moving company. After that, making a moving agreement will be much easier.

What moving company to hire is probably one of the most difficult decisions you need to make when relocating. Since there is a large number of them on the market, it can be hard to find a reliable mover and avoid a fraudulent one. Luckily, you can count on us to give you a helping hand on the matter. We have made a list of things you can do in order to recognize fake company reviews. After you do all of this, you will certainly find yourself a trustworthy mover. The next thing you should do is to contact them and ask for one of the types of moving estimates. This will be of great help because you will know how large your moving costs are going to be.


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