How to protect your furniture when moving

Planning a big move doesn’t come easy. With all the packing and moving it is easy to forget how important it properly packs some valuable items. When it comes to furniture in your home, you are in for some hard task. Furniture is not that easy to move. It takes a lot of effort to properly pack it. This is why we will tell you how you can protect your furniture when moving away. Let’s discuss more it in the article below.

What to do before you protect your furniture when moving

There are some things you need to think about when packing and moving your furniture. And the very first thing you need to think about is what kind of furniture you are moving to. If you have big, heavy, kind of old school type of furniture, then you are in for some good old hard work. They can be very tricky to move since you cant disassemble them before the move. Being huge and robust makes it very hard to pick up and transport them. So you need to make a list of furniture you are moving and decide what kind of tools and packing supplies you will need for the move.

a pen and paper you will use to make a list of items you will need to protect your furniture when moving
make a list of items you will need to protect your furniture when moving

Transporting furniture can be really complicated. Some things you can’t do on your own, and you will surely find some issues along the way. This is why you could use help from good moving and storage NJ professionals. Because experienced movers know exactly how to handle big and heavy furniture.

Gathering proper packing materials

Furniture is very delicate. And you need to approach it with patience and skill. Sometimes you can’t get that skill from out of anywhere. This is why our article is here to help you. Depending on what kind of furniture you have at your home, you will need a different kind of packing supplies. Let us begin with the most basic items you need to have for your move:

  • Old cardboard boxes are great wrapping material you will use to protect your furniture when moving. It is not used for fine packing as some other materials. It is durable enough to protect your furniture from damages, and still gentle enough not to damage it. This is especially important to remember if you have old artistic furniture ready for the move. Also, you can get help from fine art movers NJ when doing this. It is ok to hire professionals when it comes to this.
  • Some of the materials you already have in your home. Like big clothes, sheets, pillowcases, blankets, etc. They are all used as fine wrapping materials that will offer your furniture additional protection when moving.
  • Duct tape, packing tape, and packing strings. You need to have these if you wish to keep all those wrappings in one place.
image of a blanket
Blankets are excellent packing materials

These are the basic packing materials you need to have if you wish to protect your furniture when moving. You already have some of them in your home so you won’t search far and wide for them. It will provide you with a great deal of help when moving your items. Especially when you plan a long distance relocation. The other half is getting help from your long distance movers NJ. That is the only way to ensure that your items are transported absolutely safely.

Gather proper tools

You will always need some good and proper tools when it comes to this. Some furniture can be dismantled before the move, but you can’t use anything that can damage it. Also, if you are using, for instance, regular pliers then you will have to use some sort of cloth in between them. It will prevent any damages from happening. Some furniture is screwed together, so you will use a regular Philips screwdriver. On the other hand, old furniture is hammered back into place. It is for the best if you use rubber hammers for this. You won’t damaged anything when you reassemble them after the move.

Although this sounds like something easy to do, it actually is not. There are a lot of things that can go wrong, so perhaps it would be wise if you get professional furniture moving services for your move. Because professionals know exactly how to properly pack and move your furniture. And this will give you much-needed peace of mind knowing that your items won’t get damaged.

Pack small pieces separately

If you happen to be able to disassemble your furniture, then you need to pack those small pieces in separate boxes. Remember, it is a good idea to pack them in new cardboard boxes or crates. They are small, fragile, and you need to provide them with proper protection. Since they are small in size, you can wrap them in small fabrics and pack them as they are. Remember to keep all those screws and bolts in one small box, so you won’t have to search for it after the move. 

small coffee table
Pack small pieces separately

It is important to remember that there are some useful tricks you can use when moving your heavy furniture. FOr instance, if you can, always use carrying straps when doing it. It will allow you to better distribute the weight of your furniture. And it does help if you have another pair of hands ready to help you with your move. Just remember, you always need to keep a good posture when lifting heavy items. That way you will avoid any possible back injuries.

There are many ways to protect your furniture when moving, but not every one of them is this good. Now that you have read our article, you will know exactly what you need to do to organize safe furniture transport. If you wish to add something, you can leave us your feedback.

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