How to prevent moving day injuries

Moving to another home is an exciting time in our lives. We have an excess amount of energy that comes from anticipation that comes in handy when we are about to move stuff about. However, we need to really be careful when performing these tasks, as any furniture movers NJ can accredit. There are so many possibilities for an injury when you are lugging heavy things around. In order to prevent moving day injuries, you need to have proper clothes for the job, as well as the proper tools. You need good organization skills and so on. And above all, you need to take your time. Number one among the reasons for a moving injury is rushing. Don’t fall into that trap make sure that you:

Prepare for the move in order to prevent moving day injuries

Preparation is key. I can honestly say that almost everything in life can be better with a bit of preparation. When it comes to moving, the preparation you can do is the following:

  • Take Your Time
  • Find Appropriate Clothes
  • Use Moving Tools
  • Keep Everything In Order – Organize

Of course, this is not absolutely all that you can do, there is a lot of specific advice that you can get, as well. The best thing to do with anything that you might think is specific is to contact your movers Union County NJ and simply ask them! They will be happy to provide you with advice about your move. But, even without their help, you need to:

Avoid moving injuries, take your time and organize in advance.

First of All – Take Your Time

This is perhaps the most important tip when it comes to moving injuries. Take your time with a task. Make sure that you know what tools you will need, the path that the item in question needs to go through and so on. See if there are any obstructions before you start carrying heavy items. Taking time seems like an easy thing to do but is everything but. We want to finish everything quickly and we think that we know how to do it. I mean, you simply need to move that sofa to the truck, right? Sometimes you might forget that you’ve disassembled that closet and that there might be nails on the floor.

Simply do not rush into anything. One minute is all that it takes to consider everything, as the tasks themselves are quite simple when it comes down to it. One minute to prevent a moving injury. I think that is fair.

Find Appropriate Clothes

Another thing that you might want to do is find clothes that are suitable for a day full of lugging heavy items around. Items that might be jagged or edged, as well. You want sturdy clothing that is not restricting your movement much. It can’t flap about or be overly baggy, either. You do need to be able to move around but you can’t afford overly loose clothing. Try to go for the best fit as possible, while still retaining sturdiness.

Shoes are especially important. Do not do your moving in flimsy summer shoes or you might be sorry. Use shoes that can endure stepping on a nail or a screw. Better them than your feet, right? You never know when there will be anything sharp and pointy for you to step on. Make sure you have proper protection.

Avoid jeans, high heels, and other uncomfortable clothes.

Use Moving Tools to Prevent Moving Day Injuries

If you need to carry heavy items for some time, it is best to consider using proper tools for the task. There are many tools that can help you in the moving process, like dollies. Make sure to have the appropriate tools for your items. If you do not have these tools, you will need to substitute with your own energy, or with something else. This is where you will be extremely prone to injuries, as you are not following the proper procedure. If you don’t know what you might need, the best thing to do is to contact a moving company and ask about them!

Keep Everything In Order – Organize

The organization of your move is extremely important. It will lay the groundwork for everything else. It is kind of unacceptable not to have any sort of organization when it comes to moving items. Unacceptable if you want to minimize the risk of injuries, that is. Make sure that everything is in its proper place, that all your tools are handy and that there is a clear list of tasks that you need to accomplish. After that, if you want to dial it up a notch, you can break down and organize individual tasks even the night before the move. It depends on the task at hand, of course, but almost every task can benefit from some sort of organization.

Hire Professional Movers To Prevent Moving Day Injuries

And the absolute best way (almost surefire, really) to prevent moving day injuries to yourself is to simply have someone else do the work! It is also a lot less likely for any injuries to occur when the work is being done by professionals. They have seen and carried just about anything in their years of work that the risk of injury is minimal indeed. They will also have all the necessary tools and expertise to disassemble anything that requires it. You will not need to do a thing! Sure, it will cost a bit more than doing everything by yourself but you will not need to worry about anything, either.

Hire a professional moving company and you won’t have any problem during the moving day.

You can also make a sort of a compromise. You can negotiate with your movers and have them carry and move the really difficult items and you can do the rest. This way you will be saving some money in the process but you will be putting yourself out there. With being out there, there is a chance of an injury. However, if you followed every advice above, you are now prepared for it and that chance will be slim indeed! Happy moving!

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