How to prevent moisture in your storage unit

Preventing moisture in your storage is a must in protecting your belongings. Excessive humidity in your unit will contribute to the growth of mold, mildew, rust, corrosion, rot, and insects. No matter what you will be storing, you should take proper measures to prevent moisture in your storage unit – especially if you live in a particularly humid climate. This guide will offer you some tips on how to easily deal with moisture levels and effectively protect your belongings during storage.

Check for leaks

If you use an outdoor warehouse, check for leaks before renting. Pay attention to any cracks in the walls or ceiling, no matter how small – they can easily expand over time and lead to leaks causing damage. If you rent storage from reliable moving and storage NJ, there shouldn’t be any cracks at all. But, a little precaution won’t hurt.

Ask about the humidity level

If you are using an indoor unit, check the humidity level. The relative humidity in the storage should be below 50 percent to prevent moisture damage, rust, mold, rot, and mold growth. You can purchase a relative humidity sensor in most household appliance stores and install it in your unit for independent monitoring of relative humidity.

Never store anything wet

Before packing your belongings in storage Montclair NJ, make sure everything is dry. If you wash your clothes before storing them, make sure they are completely dry. The same goes for packing any water equipment (surfboards, scuba gear, wetsuits, swimwear, etc.). Anything damp or humid that is inside your unit will increase the level of humidity in the air.

Drying clothes to prevent moisture in your storage unit
Always dry your clothes in order to prevent moisture in your storage unit

Use climate-controlled storage

The best, although the most expensive, way to deal with moisture in storage is to rent a climate-controlled storage unit. If you will be storing many items that are particularly susceptible to damage due to extreme temperatures or humidity, you can consider this option.

What can you use to prevent moisture in your storage unit?

Install a vapor barrier

A vapor barrier is a plastic or foil wrap used to protect against moisture in any room. It should be installed on the warm side of the wall to block outside moisture and also under the floor to prevent moisture from entering from the ground. You can buy a vapor barrier at most hardware stores.

Make homemade desiccant bags

Using a piece of cloth, create a pouch filled with moisture-absorbing crystals such as silica gel. Sew two squares of fabric together to make a pocket. Turn it inside out and fill it with silica crystals. Fold on top, fasten it, and then close. Hang a bag of desiccant inside your storage.

Use charcoal to prevent moisture in your storage unit

Charcoal briquettes, a natural alternative to dehumidifiers, can also effectively absorb moisture and eliminate a musty odor. You can put them in pouches, in a basket or bucket lined with plastic or foil, or place them on a metal tray. If you are storing summer clothes, be careful not to put charcoal briquettes against them – coal stains can be extremely difficult to remove.

Charcoal briquettes
Change the briquettes every 30-60 days to keep the air in your storage unit fresh

Use cat litter

Another natural option to prevent moisture in your storage unit is clay cat litter. You can simply put an open bag of litter in the unit or pour it into a bucket. The clay effectively absorbs moisture in the air and prevents the growth of mold and mildew. Cat litter may need to be changed every few weeks to maintain optimal freshness.

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