How to prepare your pets for a cross-country move

You are preparing to embark on a major move across the country. You hired long distance movers NJ, packed all your boxes, prepared everything for the trip. And then you began to think about what you would need to do before leaving in order to prepare your pets for a cross-country move. It’s good that you thought about it because you are a responsible pet owner. Thus, you are worried about the comfort and well-being of your pet on a long trip. We have gathered a list of things you need to think about before moving your pet.

What should you do to properly prepare your pets for a cross-country move

Visit your vet

You may not know this, but the shots your pet needs to take may differ from state to state. You will need to go online and find out what shots your pet will need before you move. Then you will want to take your pet to the vet and get them injections before you leave. This may be short notice, but your veterinarian will probably understand and squeeze you in as soon as possible to accommodate your trip.

Dog at vet
Your pet may not be happy about it, but you will be sure that it is compliant with the laws

Motion sickness

The last thing you ever think about is your faithful dog soaking the back seat of the car with vomit. If your dog or other pet is not used to driving or is susceptible to motion sickness, you should prepare medications or herbal supplements to help avoid this problem. If you are moving with cats, a little ginger usually does the trick. Do not feed your pet for several hours before leaving. That way, you can reduce the contents of their stomach to a minimum if they become ill in the car.

ID tags

When you are moving across the country, you will go through unfamiliar areas. Prepare your pets for a cross-country move by obtaining them identification tags before leaving. Thus, if your pet accidentally departs from you for any reason, the tags will contain all the necessary information for contacting you. This will allow you to pick up your pet if someone finds it.

Bathroom breaks

You have been on the road for a while, and your pet is a little nervous. Although you may have a large bladder, you should remember that your pet’s bladder is smaller in most cases. It will not bother you to stop for a bathroom break more frequently. You can plan these stops on the map or in the app to remind you at the right time. Or you can include your kids by giving them the responsibility of taking care of your pet’s needs.

Cut claws

Your cat or dog is in the back seat, and after a few short hours of travel, they will inevitably get bored. This can cause some pets to have nervous habits that can harm your fabric or leather interior. Cutting their claws ahead of time will save you a lot of punctures and damage to your seats. If you have a pet that loves chewing, then a muzzle could be useful.

Using the muzzle to prepare your pets for a cross-country move
If you prepare your pets for a cross-country move properly, that can also protect your car interior from damage


You are well prepared to take your pets on a big move. You found moving and storage NJ, packed everything and managed to prepare your pets for a cross-country move. It was a good trip. Now it’s time to get your pet out of the car and let it stretch its legs. They were good and deserved some playing time.

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