How to prepare your old home for new owners

So you sold your house, packed your things, and the closing day is coming – what else needs to be done? There are a lot of things you can do to prepare your old home for new owners. You should do most of those things after movers NJ take your belongings. Here’s a quick checklist of some important things you can do for new owners of your home!

What can you do to prepare your old home for new owners?

Declutter your home

People tend to collect an amazing amount of items over the years. Reasons for storing items include emotional attachment, the intention to reuse or repair items in the future. Or the desire to transfer them to others. However, for many items, if you have not used them for more than a year, you probably don’t need them.

Discard items in a useful way by donating them to a charity or nonprofit organization such as the Salvation Army or Goodwill. These items not only help those in need, but some of them are not taxed. If items are not accepted, call your city to see if they can be picked up. Many cities plan this service once or twice a month.

Recycling bag
When you donate belongings you no longer need, you also save the environment

Make minor repairs

Replace the cracked floor or counter tile and repair the holes in the walls. Fix leaking taps and doors that do not close properly, as well as kitchen drawers that jam. Try painting the walls in neutral colors, especially if they are currently bright pink or purple.

Replace bulbs and update fixtures

It is easy to forget about all the bulbs that have burned out over the years. Change all light bulbs in order to prepare your old home for new owners. If you have dated lights, quickly go to Home Depot and get some modern ones. New residents of your old home will be grateful.

Install new switches and other devices

Many older homes, especially those that have undergone a series of renovations, will have different sockets, dirty and discolored cover plates, and rusty or damaged vent holes. We believe that replacing all this with uniformity and novelty makes the house more fresh and clean. While removing the cover plate requires only a small screwdriver, keep in mind that replacing electrical devices is not necessarily a good DIY project if you are not comfortable working with electricity.

Fill the holes from the nails

After your fine art movers NJ have taken your artworks to your new place, it is time to fix what they left. That gallery wall was a great starting point while you lived in the house, but now it’s 10 nail holes in a small space that new homeowners may have problems covering with their own works of art. Although filling holes is not always a written requirement in a proposal, it is usually polite to correct any larger holes from drywall plugs or areas where there are many marks. If this is what you would not want to see in your new home, do it quickly and fix it with paint.

Violin hanging on a nail
Fixing damaged walls is one of the best things you can do to prepare your old home for new owners

Paint all walls and ceilings

This can be very time consuming, so you might want to hire professionals. It makes no sense to just paint if the walls and ceilings are damaged. If they have cracks, holes, or other defects, it is best to fix them even before selling your NJ home. Preparing these surfaces can be a real chore. Therefore, if you do not have one or two relatives who can help, save a lot of time and just hire someone. In addition, if you have little time and the house is in a bad shape and each surface needs to be painted, consider one neutral color for each room. This will only facilitate and limit the number of decisions that you have to make now.

Take out the trash

There is nothing worse than driving up to your new house on the day of your move and discovering that the previous owners left all their unnecessary items and rubbish in the garage or near the house! If you are not sure that the next owners will need your old sofa or futon, it is better to take it with you or to a landfill. If in doubt, throw it away!

Leave additional keys and manuals

Happy new owners of your home can benefit from any manuals, instructions, warranties, etc. that come with various appliances. Additional keys for doors, as well as a mailbox are always welcome. For those who have community mailboxes – do not forget to leave a note with the number and address of your mailbox! Leaving important information can be the best way to prepare your old home for new owners.

Leave any paint or suitable building materials

If you have additional paint cans that match the walls of the house, new owners will certainly appreciate the availability of colors at hand if they scratch the walls while moving. And if you have any remaining tiles, trim, or replacement parts that are useful for the house, leave them too! Remember not to leave trash – leave only those things that may be useful to new owners.

Vacuum / Mop floors

Who knew there was so much dust behind that entertainment unit?! And that after moving with cats, there will be that much cat hair? Once all of your furniture has been loaded into a moving truck, the quick reuse of brooms and mops can go a long way towards adding sparkle to your old home!

Cleaning the floor
Plus, it might be relaxing for you to go through your old place one more time

It can be really important to prepare your old home for new owners. A little courtesy to next residents can go a long way and complete this big deal on a positive note. And you will sleep better at night, knowing that you transferred your house in good condition so that the next family has memories. Happy relocation!

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