How to prepare kids for a long distance move

Long-distance relocation might just be one of the biggest stress-inducing events of a person’s life. It doesn’t really matter how old you are at the moment. Changing your place of residence and moving to a far away destination hits you hard. This is why people tend to feel anxious about NJ long distance moving, especially if they have children. You must know how hard it sometimes is just to get them to a local mall. Moving away for good seems almost impossible. So what can you do to prepare kids for long distance move? Are there some magical steps to help you handle this situation with ease? Not really. But we have some simple tips and tricks to enable a smoother transition for both you and your children.

person writing in a notebook
Make a moving schedule early on and try sticking to it. You need to be ready well in advance

Start getting ready in time

Time is of the greatest essence in situations such as this one. And children need time to get used to the fact that they’re moving. So as soon as you make a final decision about your moving plans, sit them down and share the information. Regardless of your kids’ age, they’ll be glad you’ve decided to include them in this process. They’ll feel better and they’ll have more time to get ready.

Let them know that this isn’t the end of the world and that you’ll be moving to a better home and a more exciting neighborhood. Ask them about their opinion. Children will understand that it is a necessary step and even if they seem negative at the beginning, not hiding anything from them will give them enough time to process the fact that they’ll be moving away. So before you contact movers from NJ to Florida – talk to your children. 

Find out about the advantages of your new home and share it with them

Yes, there will be protesting. But, you can act quickly and prepare kids for long distance move by teaching them about their new home. Since it is far away, you’ll most likely lack time to actually visit it before moving. You can, however, show them photos of their new house and use the benefits of the Internet as well.

two young girls
Help your children understand that a new school means new friends and opportunities

Use Google Street View to show them around your new neighborhood. Ask them about what they like and dislike about it. You might be surprised by their answers. Find out some facts about the city you’ll be moving to and tell your children stories about it. They’ll feel more connected to their new place of residence, and they’ll show less resistance towards moving. 

Prepare kids for long distance move by choosing the right school for them

It takes some time to choose the perfect school for your kids. If you still have toddlers, then you’re off the hook. You might want to check your options, just in case. But if you have children who are about to change schools, you might want to do that well in advance. By deciding which school your kids will go to, you’ll give them a chance to get ready for it in time.

You need to be aware of how stressful all of it can be for kids. They’ll be leaving behind their friends, teachers, familiar faces – all of the things that have made their world what it is. So once you pick their new school, do your best to help them adjust to it, at least online. Visit the school’s website together and point out the perks of being in a new environment. And how would you know you’ve chosen the right school?

  • Contact each and every school in the neighborhood. Keep your options open.
  • Talk to the school officials, on multiple occasions if necessary.
  • Check the online reviews and comments. See what other parents and students think about that particular school.
  • Ask your children to participate in the decision-making process

Include them in the packing process, this will help prepare kids for long distance move

Don’t let your children be idle during the hectic moving preparations. They’ll feel much better if they get some chores. If you want to prepare kids for a long distance move – let them feel like they are a part of it. So let them do their own packing. Older children can give your little ones a hand. It won’t be perfect, but you’ll all have much more fun. For the bulky and delicate items, though, you’ll need to find piano movers NJ or similarly experienced professionals.

box of photos
If you include your little ones in the packing process, they’ll enjoy it and you’ll all feel much more positive about the upcoming relocation

Each child should have their own bag of essentials

Give each of your children a bag or a moving box where they could pack their essentials. Younger kids may pack their toys, while older ones can pack some books, their iPad, or whatever they think is necessary. Their bags of essentials will be with them at all times and those will be the first bags to get unpacked after you arrive at your moving destination. Don’t worry about the rest, furniture movers NJ are there to take care of the big stuff. 

In the end, in order to prepare kids for a long distance move means you need to be patient. Let them get used to the fact that they’re moving at their own pace. Try to help them understand why this relocation is good for them and how their lives will improve. Also, they need to know they’ll be able to stay in touch with everyone back home. The more patience you have, the better your kids will react to the moving process. Just do your best and there’s no doubt your children will eventually get used to the fact that they’ll be moving away.

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