How to prepare for a day of heavy lifting

Moving in itself is a challenging and difficult process to handle. However, moving an entire household, full of heavy and robust furniture, presents a completely new set of challenges. Dealing with the organization and planning process, finding the reliable furniture movers NJ for the job and coordinating everything can be quite a pickle. And even if you are set on moving to or within New Jersey, you still need to pack and move all your belongings. So, wherever you are moving to, you should prepare for a day of heavy lifting. Or hire someone to do it for you.

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The easiest way to move heavy and bulky furniture is to hire professionals.

As a team of professional NJ movers with over 40 years of experience, we’ve picked up a thing or two on how to prepare for a day of heavy lifting, and make it easier. We are here today to share some of that knowledge with you, and we really hope it will make the entire process simpler for you.

Get prepared

Every relocation is easier with the right moving assistance. So, if you want to leave the heavy lifting to professionals, there are many Bergen County movers you can rely on.

If you insist on self-moving or participating in your upcoming move, there are certain measures you should take. You should know that moving day is something most people don’t look forward to. But with our expert insight, you can properly prepare and make it a whole lot easier on yourself. These are some of the best ways to get ready for anything the moving day might bring, including heavy lifting:

  • Don’t hesitate to ask for help
  • Make sure you get the adequate equipment for the job
  • Get enough sleep
  • Start the day with a nutritious, well-balanced breakfast
  • Remember to stay hydrated throughout the moving day
  • Don’t exaggerate and overestimate your own strength
  • Remember to take breaks in-between heavy lifting

Make a list of equipment you will need

When you are preparing for a day of heavy lifting, you will need to get all the right equipment and moving supplies. The good news is that you could use items you already have at home. That will save you time and money. For instance, you can use old sheets, covers, and blankets for dragging heavy items. These materials will prevent you from scratching your furniture, the floors and make it easier to prepare for a day of heavy lifting.

In case you are moving a piano, or some other extra large and extra heavy item, you will also need twin dollies, lifting bars, etc.

man with a superman t-shirt under hist shirt is going to prepare for a day of heavy lifting
Don’t overestimate your strength, you are not a superhero.

Don’t hesitate to get help

In order to prepare for a day of heavy lifting, you will need all the help you can get. Moving large and bulky items is simply impossible without help. If you insist on moving by yourself, you can always ask one or two friends to help you on a moving day. But keep in mind that hiring professional movers can be a great idea, too.

If you are moving heavy furniture and other bulky items a long distance, you should consider hiring a reliable long-distance moving company NJ like Gibraltar Van Lines. Aside from carrying a heavy load, dependable movers with experience can help you organize your entire relocation. If this is what you want, better start preparing for the moving day on time. Chances are you will find a moving company that is both reliable and affordable.

Exercises for you to prepare for a day of heavy lifting

1. Squats

Squats are a great choice because they simulate good posture. And that is the key to prepare for a day of heavy lifting, right? They also strengthen your lower body allowing you to lift heavy objects without getting injured. So, stand with your heels shoulder-width apart and start to tilt your legs slightly outward. Then, do the same but lower to 90 degrees. Focus on leaning back while keeping your back straight, similar to sitting in a chair. Squats are a great exercise, not only for heavy lifting but also for your figure.

2. Deadlifts

The first cause of different injuries during the move is a reduction in backpressure. In most cases, it is caused by picking up heavy items without using legs for mobility and leverage. Deadlifts will teach you how to use your legs for lifting, instead of your back. That increases your pulling power by strengthening your back muscles – glutes, hamstrings and lower back.

Stand up with your feet wide, and keep your lower back neutral. Then, then bend over your waist. If you are using dumbbells, we recommend starting with a smaller weight. If you do not have dumbells, you can use a bar as well. If you feel comfortable, you can also add weight in increments of 5 pounds.

Woman with a bar on her shoulders
You can use a bar or dumbells but start with smaller weights.

3. Box jumps

Box jumps are exercises where you jump with both feet on a bench or solid platform. Most noteworthy, it is the perfect way to prepare for trips up and down the stairs. The exercise will help you strengthen your quads and glutes, and provide support for your ankles and knees.

The better the preparation is, the easier the moving process will be

There are many ways to prepare for a day of heavy lifting, you should find one that suits you the best. And it doesn’t matter how you plan doing it. Whatever helps you to avoid moving injuries and possible damage to your valuables is good. If you can plan and organize your moving day in advance, make sure to do so. And as we already mentioned, hiring moving professionals can be of great help. So, give it some thought.

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