How to Plan for Your Cost of Moving in New Jersey?


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By: Jamie Kreps

When it comes to planning a move, few things worry us quite like wondering, “what is this going to cost?” A quick Google search will give you some general estimates for the cost of moving, but those estimates can vary widely based on location.

According to, the current national average for moving costs in America range from $500 to $1500. This is not taking into account the extremes of these ranges – which can go upwards of $9,000. Not a very helpful estimate.

For New Jersey residents, there are many factors to consider when trying to narrow this price average down to a more accurate estimate. Here is a look at what to keep in mind when generating potential costs for a move in The Garden State:

Factors That Influence the Cost of Moving

For starters, if you’re planning a move, it’s important to keep in mind there are a wide range of factors that will influence your cost of moving. It’s not as simple as packing up boxes and loading a truck. Your move costs will be influenced by not only what services you choose to utilize, but also the size of the job, the location of your home(s), and the various items you will need to move.

The Size of the Job

Online estimates show that there are generalizations you can make to help you with an educated guess on the cost of moving based on the size of your home. Simply put, the smaller your home, the cheaper it will be to move.

On average in New Jersey, you can expect to pay anywhere from $300 to move a studio apartment with minimal belongings, up to $4500 to move a multi-bedroom home with expansive belongings. The size of the move influences the number of movers needed, as well as the time spent and mileage costs for any larger vehicles or additional trips.

The Location Logistics

Another major influencer on the cost of moving in New Jersey is the location. Does your old or new home include a hefty flight of stairs to navigate? Is it located in an area with little to no available parking? How easily accessible your properties are will dictate the time it takes for movers to transport your belongings. Since many movers operate on an hourly rate (national average of $25-50 per hour according to, it’s not difficult to understand how locations with obstacles could influence your cost.

The Services You Choose

While it may seem like a no-brainer, the professional moving services you choose will be a major influencer in your overall cost of moving as well. Are you packing up your own belongings and just hiring for the bulk move items? Or are you hiring a full-service moving company to cover everything from packing the first box in your old home to unpacking the last box in your new home? As a general rule, reports that you should expect to pay at least an additional $500 in moving expenses if you opt for the full-service move.

Overall, the best way to get a more accurate estimate on the cost of moving is to speak to the professionals. Do your research and speak with a variety of companies to get a better feel for what costs you can expect for your move. Most movers will happily provide you with an estimate free of charge, which is the only way to get a true feel for what to expect financially.

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