How to plan an office relocation

As a business owner, a lot of responsibility falls on your shoulders. The well-being of the company and its employees and the continuation of the business, just to name a few. Naturally, it will also fall on you to plan an office relocation. This task may seem easy at first glance. However, there is more to it, then it appears. A successfully conducted office move will keep your business healthy. However, a poorly conducted one might as quickly spell and end for your company. So, it really does pay to be careful about these moves. To help you avoid the stress and put you on the right track, we decided to write this guide. So, get ready to explore the topic of how to plan an office relocation!


Something professionals from moving services NJ might point out to you are how important planning is to a successful move. That goes the same for when you plan an office relocation. The time spent on planning the move will be almost as valuable as the time spent actually executing it. And let us tell you, there is a lot to plan in office relocation. That is the natural effect of how big office relocations are. There are so many things to think about and keep track off.

People in an office room.
Have a brainstorming session when you plan an office relocation to get some fresh takes from your coworkers.

That is the precise reason why office movers NJ might advise you to start planning as early as possible. Unlike with a home move, there is no space for last-minute packing when it comes to relocating an office. Ideally, you will want to start planning at least eight weeks in advance. Start off by setting a moving budget and keeping track of the moving expenses. With a move as significant as this, the moving expenses can really creep up on you.

Also, take a tour of the new office space and plan out how you will arrange everything once you move in. Finally, consider appointing a moving manager that will be able to keep tabs on all of the moving details in situations where work ahs you swamped.

Keep your customers in mind when planning an office relocation

A good pointer in the question of when is the best time to move your office are your obligations to your customers. As the day of the move approaches and your office is being packed bit by bit, your company’s productivity will start to fall. However, to retain your customers, the projects you have with them must not suffer. After all, they have hired you to complete a job regardless of any eventualities. Therefore when you plan an office relocation, you really must keep in mind what you owe your customers.

People talking in an office
Make sure you honor your obligations to your customers to keep up the company’s reputation.

The best course of action here would then be to set a cutoff period. That should be closely tied to when your moving preparations start. Beyond this point, you should not take on any new jobs. That will help you complete the work you have already taken on without halting the moving process. Ideally, you want to have your projects ending as the moving preparations start. That way, your customers will not notice that fall in productivity. Yes, it will impact your revenue, but it will serve to save your company’s reputation. And businesses indeed live and die by their reputation.

Make sure you have the right supplies when you plan an office relocation

As we mentioned before, office relocations are enormous undertakings. There will be many different items to pack, and they will require different supplies. Even though most of your inventory will be well-taken care off with the standard boxes, packing peanuts and plastic wraps, some items might need special packing equipment to keep safe.

This point is not all about avoiding the cost of damages. It is also about preventing office moving stress. Knowing that your office items are well packed and secure will do wonders tor reduce your stress levels. So, when you plan an office relocation, a little research into packing supplies goes a long way.

An office. When you plan an office relocation, you need to think about what are all the items that will be moved.
Take a look at your inventory to get an idea what are all the supplies you will need.

Label your moving boxes well

No matter if you will be conducting the packing with your employees or hiring a professional moving company, labeling is essential in an office move. With as many boxes to transport it will be easy to misplace some of them. However, you don’t want your teams wasting time exchanging paperwork and equipment after the move. That will only add to the productivity hit your office will suffer from the move itself. That’s why it is vital to come up with a labeling system when you plan an office relocation. It may be department-oriented or color-coded. Whichever labeling works best to deliver the correct boxes to the right place in the new office.

When you plan an office relocation think about throwing a moving-in party

Employee satisfaction is vital. It keeps your workforce motivated and loyal to the company. In fact, research has shown that happy employees will go further in achieving company goals. Additionally, they may affect other employees and motivate them to do better. So, why not use the office relocation as an excuse to throw a nice party for your employees?

When you plan an office relocation, set aside a little party budget, having an office moving-in party will instantly make your employees better disposed towards their new space. It will also dispel some of the stress that comes naturally with an office move. Both of these will result in your employees coming back to work on top of their game!

How to successfully plan an office move

There you have it. Having read through our article, you should be familiarized with the basics of planning an office move. Granted, there is more to be researched. After all, every office move is specific and depends on the office in question. However, we are confident that you, after reading this article, are ready to take on your office move, head-on!

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