How to pest proof your storage unit

People often choose storage units to store items they are not using currently. Whether those are tools, collectibles, or any other fragile items, it is a bad thing to have to deal with pests as well. Different types of pests can cause different types of damages. Not to mention health hazards. In the following article, we will tell you more about the best ways to pest proof your storage unit so you won’t have to worry about them anymore. Continue reading and find the best way to deal with them that suits you.

Pest proof your storage unit by cleaning regularly

One of the best ways to deal with pests in storages is to clean your storage units regularly. Before you even put your items in the storage, you should go around and clean everything. Many storages have concrete floors so you won’t have to deal with some heavy chemicals when cleaning them. You can dissolve almost anything in the water and clean it. Remember to wipe it first from any excess dust that it can have over it. Once that dries up, you can start with other risky places. Most of the times, depending on the types of pests, they can nest in the door frames or window frames. If they are made out of wood.

Cleaning kit that can help you pest proof your storage unit
One of the best ways to pest proof your storage unit is to clean regularly

This process can take some time. But, what else can you do if you want to have a pest free storage unit? On the other hand, once you are done with this, you can have reliable and fast movers NJ to transport your items to your storage. It is the quickest and safest way to move your belongings without any risks of them getting damaged.

Check out for risky places and leakings

Pests love dark places and humidity. Depending on the type of pests you are dealing with of course. For instance, ants, termites and other insects can be found in cracks and wooden frames, as we already mentioned. So, the very first thing you need to do is to check out these places before you get your items in your storage unit. Pests also love humid places. This can be a big issue if you are planning to store valuable items in your storage. Humidity itself can damage your items, let alone pests. If you have any leakings you should deal with them first. Having a constant flow of fresh air is a must-have in storages. Stale and humid air attracts many kinds of pests. So, before you turn to chemicals and other pest-repellent solutions, make sure you have all these covered.

a leaking pipe
it is important to fix any leaking in your storage unit

Dealing with pests in storage units can be hard. Especially if you don’t have time for this type of work. To avoid that, we advise you to look for good and professional storage Montclair NJ. It is a good idea to know that you rented a storage unit that is reliable and pest-free for your items.

Pack everything properly

The previous steps are one of the main tasks you need to do before you put your items. They can’t provide 100% certainty that there won’t be any pests but will help you fight them big time. Nex step you can do is to pack everything in good packing materials. This means that if you can, you should always opt for plastic boxes and bins that can be sealed almost hermetically. Which means that not even air can get in it. Of course, this goes for items that are very valuable and you need to protect at all costs.

Plastic bins and crates can be a bit expensive especially if you don’t know where to look for them. Luckily, there are packing and crating NJ companies that can offer you these packing materials at a good cost. So, if you want to have them fast and pack your items even faster, then we suggest you look for them in the right place.

Deal with pests in the natural way

We all know that pests can cause a lot of issues in storage units. And if you did these previous tasks, you already lowered the risk of having to deal with them. Now, it is ok to be ready for everything, so let’s add some natural ways of dealing with them. First, you need to check if the storage company is already using some sort of chemicals and sprays. Some companies care about their storages and customers. Which is a good idea to have both in one when looking for good movers Millburn NJ. Also, remember that sometimes mixing natural ways and chemicals can cause some toxic fumes. And that is something you should try to avoid. 

a lavender oil
Lavender oil is a good natural pest repellent

Keeping pests out of your storage units by using a natural way can be easy. All you have to do is gather some essential oils, cotton balls and traps. Remember, these methods won’t work 100%, but are here to prevent any spread of these pests. Lavender or peppermint essential oils are great insect repellant. make sure you put a few drops on cotton balls and leave them on the shelves or floors.

Using chemicals

These are the most efficient and natural ways to deal with pests in storage units. But, they require time, patience and regular visits, which is something people can’t often have. This is when you should opt for using chemicals and other artificial pest repellents. If you can’t make regular visits to your storage unit, then this is the perfect solution for your problem. But, before anything, make sure to know how to safely use pest repellents indoors. It is the safest way to avoid any poisonings that can cause serious health issues. 

There are many ways to pest proof your storage unit. And most of them advise the use of natural ingredients over chemicals. But, as we already mentioned, if you don’t have time for regular visits, then opt for chemicals. Do you know any other way to deal with them? You can share your thoughts with us in the comment section down below.

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