How to pack your wardrobe for relocation

A  relocation is a unique time in one’s life. We must pack all our belongings and move them to a new place we will be calling home. Everything to the smallest ornament to large pieces of furniture will need to be moved. Naturally, the same goes for relocating the thing we use every day. We are talking about our clothes, of course. So, in every relocation, you will need to pack your wardrobe. However, there is a set of tips that will ensure you do this properly. So, read our residential movers’ guide, and soon, you will be prepared to pack your wardrobe for relocation.


Planning is the centerpiece of every well-conducted move. If planned right, a move will go smoothly. If not, the ensuing chaos will only increase the moving stress you feel. Since every move brings with it some amount of stress, this is something you would be smart to avoid. Therefore, planning your move well is vital. Planning will encompass many things, from who to hire for the move, to how much time you need to set aside for preparations and in what order you should pack your items. Industry professionals might tell you that you should set aside 4 to 8 weeks for moving preparations. That will ensure you have enough time for all your obligations and rest, apart from preparing a move.

A planner. Plan well how to pack your wardrobe for the best possible outcome
Planning is an essential aspect of every. move

Even if you are dealing with a last-minute move, having a good plan will keep the relocation going smoothly. Depending on the conditions of your move, you could always opt to hire movers to handle the packing for you. That will reduce the time you will have to spend on moving preparations significantly. However, even in this case, it would be smart for you to prepare your wardrobe for relocation. So, let’s talk about that.

What to pack first when you pack your wardrobe

When you decide to pack your wardrobe, you should first think about what you will be using up to the move. Industry professionals from moving and storage NJ might tell you just how many people neglect this issue when packing their wardrobe. It is sometimes easier to pack the clothes directly from the closet as they are folded.

However, this can cause a problem if you pack too much and end up needing something that you’ve already packed. That can result in you going through already packed clothes looking for that one item that you need. Instead, you should pack with the relocation timeline in mind. Start with packing clothes for a different season. If you are moving during the summer, chances are you won’t be needing winter clothes, and vice versa.

Jeans and a sweater
When you pack your wardrobe, make sure you set aside a moving day outfit.

Also, keep an eye on the weather forecast for the period up to the move. If you were moving during a changing season like spring or autumn, it would be smart to keep the clothes you might need for a change in weather to pack last. Another thing you should think about when you pack your wardrobe is what you will be wearing on moving day. This problem is one of the great differences between local and long-distance moving. While in local moving, you can pick a single outfit according to the moving day weather, in long-distance moves, you will have to prepare a few moving outfits in advance.

How to de-clutter your wardrobe

Another smart thing to keep in mind when you pack your wardrobe for a relocation is the potential for de-cluttering. If you have any clothes that don’t fit you by size or style anymore or you haven’t worn in years, chances are, you don’t need them anymore. Keeping them will not only take up space, but it will require time wasted on packing them and money for packing materials. A smart thing to do here would be to de-clutter. While packing your clothes for the move form a keep pile and a donate pile. When you are finished, you can pack up the keep pile for the relocation and give the donate pile to a charity that would pick it up!

Clothes in a drawer
While packing your wardrobe for a relocation make a selection fo clothes, you will keep and donate the rest.

What packing materials will you need to pack your wardrobe

Another thing you will need to consider is what packing materials you will need for your wardrobe. You can go with a professional service like moving boxes NJ that will pack your items for you. On the other hand, if you decide to move, you can always go hunting for packing material or simply buy it. A smart thing to get for packing your wardrobe would be plastic, sealable boxes. They will prevent the dirt and water getting to your clothes during the move.

How to store your wardrobe

Finally, if you plan on renting a storage space for a prolonged relocation, you will want to know how to store your clothes, before you pack your wardrobe correctly. Unlike packing clothes for relocation in one go, here you will find one to give your items the best possible protection. Again, plastic containers with a sealable lid would be the best choice here. Some moving guides might recommend using vacuum seal bags. While you could use them if you plan on prolonged storage, keep in mind that they can damage your clothes. Whatever you choose, make sure you include some mothballs to keep your items protected from pests during storage.

How to pack your wardrobe like a pro

And there you have it. While packing your closet might have seemed simple at first glance, it is obvious now that it’s more nuanced than that. However, having read through our guide, you should be well prepared to handle packing your wardrobe for transport. Just think a few steps ahead, and you will be set!

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