How to pack your home gym

Having a home gym is a dream come true for many of us who enjoy frequent workouts. It is a rather essential thing to have in times when you are stuck at home. Coincidently, at the time of writing, many people are stuck in their homes. Therefore, a home gym is a rather useful thing to have. However, if you are moving at the moment, that is also a reason why you should keep it. Having a home gym is so useful that you just have to bring it into your new home. However, it is not an easy task by any means. There can be a lot of complicated equipment in-home gym setups, and we are here to make sure that you pack your home gym right!

Pack your home gym – plan it out

The biggest thing to know when trying to pack your things for storage Montclair NJ is that you need to plan it out. Love it or hate it, packing is a very important part of moving and you need to take it very seriously. Just like moving itself, packing takes a lot of preparation before actual execution and it requires special equipment. In this case, that is the packing material. In this case, we removed the original boxes.

Having to plan out how to pack your home gym is a little bit more complicated than trying to pack books of a shelf. The inherent nature of gym equipment is that it is either heavy or a rather weird shape. That means that you need to plan carefully in order to load everything properly.

excercise ball and weights - pack your home gym
Ready to pack?

Furthermore, when you are planning on how to pack and move your sport equipment, you might be faced with some tough decisions. Be it that you are downsizing your current home or moving into a smaller one, the size of your home gym might need to get smaller. Should that be the case, you have three options on the table regarding your home gym.

  • Sell. First off, you can simply sell the sports equipment. Now more than ever people are ordering fitness equipment online in hopes of staying healthy and fin while self-isolating at the same time. You might just profit from this!
  • Give away or store. You can also discard the items that will not be part of your attempts to pack your home gym by giving them away to a friend. Furthermore, you can also store them temporarily.
  • Throw out. Finally, if nothing else is an option, and especially if you are in a hurry, you can always throw them away.

Sanitize and clean

Before we can even begin to talk about how to pack your home gym for your Bergen County movers relocation, let us first talk about the importance of cleaning of your equipment.

While, obviously, we are momentarily living in the time of a global pandemic, this is not the only reason to be through, both before and after the move.

Spraying from a bottle
Disinfect thoroughly

Things like treadmills are big electronic pieces, and electronics can have some pretty big issues if left unclean. Furthermore cleaning will help you inspect every nook and cranny of your fitness equipment. Should something seem missing, be sure to document it right away. If anything new appears, do the same and contact the movers to file a complaint

Start with the heavy one – treadmill

Having a treadmill is extremely useful, so you will definitely want your movers Millburn NJ to relocate it to your new home. Problems with the treadmill are its size and shape. However, most of them can be disassembled. That should be the first step. If there is the original packaging, use it. If not, try to wrap it in cushioning material and make sure nothing heavy is put on it during the loading on the truck.

Dumbbells and weights

They are rather easier to move. Your company of choice among best moving companies in NJ will notice small heavy boxes, but movers should take care of them with ease nonetheless. Be sure to pack the weights tightly as to not move and tumble during the relocation.

Furthermore, be sure to not put them on top of any other box. Indeed, weights and dumbbells are more dangerous to other things in the truck then to themselves. Therefore, they have to be near the bottom and secured!

General tips

Finally, there is more to be said about the situation of moving a house gym than just how to pack efficiently. One thing is for us to tell you how to pack your home gym, but another one to tell you a little bit about why doing it is so important.

We are living in strange times and there is no clear answer as to how we should proceed. The main problem for those who are used to relying on routine in order to keep healthy is that now they are suddenly pushed out of that routine and can find themselves lost and undisciplined.

For most of us, a home gym is a reserve, not something we use every day. However, in the situation such as this having a home gym as an active, everyday exercise space is important and definitely not something to be taken lightly when it comes to packing for a move. You will want to have this space with you.

gym is closed
With the gym closed, continue from home!

Therefore, packing home gym equipment is important in order to keep the equipment functional and to help you have an efficient home workout. Be sure to follow all the instructions we have put in front of you. Good luck!

To sum it up

In summary, the best way to pack your home gym is to put it into original boxes when possible, disassemble whenever possible, clean and disinfect, and always ask for help. Simple, right? Just remember to use it after you move it. It is a truly useful tool for those moments when going to the outside gym is not really an option.

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