How to pack your home garden

Packing your home for relocation can be difficult. There are so many things to take care of and so many things to do. However, there is something that can be even more difficult, and this is packing your home garden. You do not want to damage any plants or equipment during your move, so you need to pay close attention to details here. So, read this article and find out how to pack your home garden before calling one of the Bergen County movers. Without further ado, let’s plunge!

What you need to know before you pack your home garden

If you want to pack your home garden, you need to do some research. Although no one will argue about moving garden equipment, most moving companies NJ will refuse to move live plants. This is because they can attract pests and parasites into the truck and run the risk of destroying the remaining items in the truck. This is why you should ask your moving company before you decide to move your house plants. Now we will consider your options when moving your home garden.

Home garden flowers
Packing a home garden can be tricky!

Getting packing materials

If you want to pack something correctly, you need to purchase suitable packing materials. Suitable packing materials include items such as wrapping paper, packing tape, moving blankets, bubble pack, pieces of foam, and boxes of various sizes. You can buy all of these packing materials online on Amazon or at your local hardware store.

Packing your barn

When packing your home garden, you need to also pack the barn. There are a lot of strangely shaped objects in your barn. For example, your hose or garden fork. This is why you need to pack them carefully so as not to damage other objects in a moving truck. The best way to pack your garden tools is to separate them by type and then tie them together. This is the right way to pack your garden equipment, and all long-distance movers do it.

Packing your power tools

If you are a serious gardener, you probably have several power tools. Things like lawnmowers, brush cutters, leaf blowers, and everything else you have can be difficult to pack and move. First of all, you need to take out the fuel. Moving companies will refuse to transport anything dangerous, and fuel is on the list of hazardous materials. So, take out the fuel and try to disassemble the item as much as possible. And if you don’t have enough space for them in your new home, for packing them for storage Montclair NJ the same rules apply.

Moving your plants

As we mentioned earlier, most moving companies will refuse to transfer plants because of the risk of attracting pests. That is why you should pack your home garden. Moving plants by car or van is the preferred method for many gardeners. However, you still need to dig up the plant the right way and pack it for your upcoming relocation.

Garden flowers
Following our tips, you will manage to successfully pack your home garden

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