How to pack the smallest items when moving to Florida from NJ?

Even dough it doesn’t seem that far away when you start packing there is more work than you expected. Everyone almost forgets that the moving process requires packing, literally everything you have in the house, and again unpacking when you arrive at your final destination. The smallest items usually represent the biggest problem because you always forget where they are, and they mess up the whole organization every time. Maybe it sounds encouraging to hear that you’re not the only one dealing with this, but you still need to work on it. Gibraltar Van Lines are ready to give you a hand. Here is an ultimate guide on how to pack the smallest items when moving to Florida from NJ.

How to pack the smallest items when moving to Florida from NJ?

Let’s make it clear- only packing technique matters. Firstly, determine where are you going to pack your items. Smaller boxes will be much more practical so you can save some space and strictly organize what items are in those boxes. Categorize them to easily breakable and non-breakable and put on the side. No matter the size or material, the process remains the same. Here comes the help:


Be honest with yourself and think if absolutely every book in your collection must go with you. Now, when you realized that you’ll probably need one more truck for books only, make a pile and determine which ones stay and which ones go to donation. Then, take the heavier books and put them on the side because they are going to be placed in the truck of long distance movers NJ to FL. Reinforce the bottom of each box with packing tape to ensure the box will survive the travel. Place a few sheets of packing paper on the bottom or use old newspapers and magazines to protect the books- it’s good to be economical. Decide whether you’re going to pack them upright or flat and put the packing sheet in between. Put some pieces of crumpled paper to fill the holes, and you’re ready to go.

Extra tip: Sort books by genre, author, or color so you won’t waste time later.

Packing books from the shelf.
Packing books can be difficult, but sorting by genre and author will ease the work.


There are numerous ways to pack the smallest items when moving to Florida from NJ, but you should be extra careful with silverware. Organize spoons and forks separately to the bundles and wrap them with clear foil or bubble wrap. Ensure the top and the bottom to prevent falling out of the package and potential damage. Then, place it in the box with other kitchen items, or in a cutlery organizer. When packing knives, be extra careful not to hurt yourself. There are numerous DIY projects you could try to make a knife container, but you don’t have time for that now. The fastest and safest solution is to pack the knives in towels and wrap them around. Be ready to tie up the edges with rubber bands and you are ready to go.

Glasses, mugs, plates

When packing fragile items, a red marker will be your best friend for writing that those items should be carried with extra attention. These items are easily breakable and super hard to pack because it requires time and patience. We know that in the middle of the moving process you can’t find both, so it might be best to pack these items first. Make sure to find a way of placing them with minimal space left. When you ensure you can do that in the medium-sized box, wrap each one in packing paper, napkin, or paper towels. Bubble wrap would be the safest option, but you surely don’t need additional costs. This can be done on items like picture frames. The most important thing is to cover every inch of fragile items. If you hear jingles while moving to Florida from NJ, you know that this means goodbye to your favorite mug.

Silverware packing can be difficult.
Packing silverware requires special attention for preventing stains and scratches.


Small appliances and electronics are super sensitive, and they should be packed properly. Hairdryers, coffee mixers, toasters, radios, watches, clocks, cameras, and every possible charger in your house needs special treatment. Chargers of every kind need to be rolled and secured with cable ties because you don’t want them to entangle and make you additional work while unpacking. There are numerous ways of using cable ties, and you can even create your own. When talking about other small devices, it would be best to have their original packages so you can easily place them back and close the box. Still, if that is not the case, bubble wrap is on the move. When finally packing electronics, heavier items go on the bottom and lighter on the top. It would be best to pack the smallest items when moving to Florida from NJ in separate boxes.


There is no worst feeling than when you finally move to your new home, open the boxes and see an unpleasant surprise. Everything that spills during the transport requires detailed cleaning, so it’s best to prevent it on time. One of our advice on how to protect these items is to organize them in pots or small boxes to prevent falling. Remove a bung from the top, and then cut a tiny piece of clear foil to cover the top. Then close again and put it straight. This is one of the possible ways of preventing leaking. Shampoos, soaps, cleaning supplies should be placed in smaller bottles if you don’t want to occupy extra space. There is no need for carrying the whole bottle with just half of the product inside.

Packing liquids like perfumes is challenging.
Liquids like shampoos, fragrances, and others need special care to prevent leaking.

The final step

These simple ways to pack the smallest items when moving to Florida from NJ will surely help you find an excellent solution for your belongings. Remember: sort, organize, pack and go. It’s that simple, and with office movers in NJ on your side, moving to your new home has never been easier. Prepare for hard work and even better results because, within a few days, you will be in your new neighborhood, meeting new friends and enjoying your new home.

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