How to pack rugs and carpets for a storage?

Rugs are an essential part of any home. They make the space feel cozy and inviting and help keep us warm in the winter. They are made from very durable materials and can last for a long time. However, if they are packed and put into storage Montclair NJ, incorrectly, they can deteriorate pretty fast. Because they are quite sensitive to sunlight, insects, and mold. So you need to make sure they are properly wrapped before you put them away for a long time. However even rolled, carpets can take a lot of space in the storage unit. To help you avoid any mistake that could lead to damages, here are a few tips on how to pack rugs and carpets for a storage.

Before you pack rugs and carpets for a storage you need to wash them

We constantly walk over rugs, and in a way, we can say that they are the most used item in any household. Besides, it is not only walking that is the problem. Over time dust and dirt accumulates, and they lose a bit of color. Not to mention all the food that falls and gets stuck to the material. It is why Gibraltar Van Lines always advises its clients to wash rugs and carpets before storing them. The best way to do it is thoroughly vacuuming them. However, if you have more expansive rugs with delicate embroidering, you should avoid this step. Because vacuuming can seriously damage them. Once you finish, read the tag on the side of the carpet with washing instructions. Some of them you can wash in a washing machine. But others you will have to do gently by hand.

a person vacuuming a carpet
Do not forget to vacuum all your carpets before you pack them

Stored rugs and carpets should be protected against moths

Before you pack rugs and carpets for storage, you properly clean them to remove any food scraps. They attract a lot of insects that can infest the materials. However, they need additional protection against moths. They are the worst pets because they eat the materials and leave behind holes. In most cases, these damages are impossible to repair, and you have to throw away your carpet. Therefore before movers Montclair NJ arrive to move your rugs into a storage unit, make sure they are protected. Many shops sell chemical insect repellants. They are highly efficient and can last for a long time. But ensure that you get the ones not harmful to certain types of materials.

For proper storage rugs and carpets need to be tightly rolled

Because of the material used for making rugs and carpets, never fold them. It will make creases and cracks that are impossible to remove. So the only way to pack them for storage or a long distance move without damages is to tightly roll them into cylinders. However, before you do it, see which side is more fragile the top, or the bottom one. Usually, the bottom one is more durable. Therefore if you are not sure, you can roll them with the bottom side facing outward. That way, during transportation, there is no danger of material snagging on something and ripping. But once you start doing it, you will notice that it is difficult to keep it straight. In that case, a simple straight rod from a curtain can help you do it right.

man and a woman carrying a rolled carpet
To store long term your rugs and carpets, it is best to wrap the tightly

Wrap your carpets and rugs before storing them

It is not enough to roll the rugs because unprotected, they will get dirty and dusty. So once you need them again, you will have to wash them all over again. Therefore you need to properly pack them before you store them for any length of time. One way to do it is once you roll them, wrap them tightly with a cotton sheet. Make sure there is more than one layer around the carpet. Once you cover them completely, tape them with duct tape. It will keep the sheet from opening and any holes appearing. For extra protection, you can use polyurethane rug wrap. It is specifically made for packing rugs and carpets, and it helps keep the mold and insects away.

Store carpets and rugs in an upward position

Carpets are sensitive to humidity. Thus once you pack them, do not put them on the floor of the storage unit. Because they will quickly get moldy and pick up a bad odor. Therefore, ensure that the environment is dry and cool. Also, they might look like they are not fragile, but you should never put boxes on top of them. The heavy load will make cracks and damages that are impossible to repair. Therefore store them rolled and standing in an upward position. That way, the material can breathe, and there is no danger of mold. Lastly, make sure that there is no exposure to direct sunlight. It will make them age before their time and lose the color.

a roller carpet
Once you pack rugs and carpets for a storage do not leave them lying down because that will damage them

If you properly pack rugs and carpets for a storage they will last for a long time

Carpets might look durable, but they are quite fragile if you do not handle them properly. So make sure to follow all the steps. Because if you pack rugs and carpets for a storage the right way, they can stay safe indefinitely. Therefore make sure before you start you have all the materials. There are plenty of stores in New Jersey where you can find wrapping materials made for rugs. For you should never use plastic wraps. They will keep them from breathing, and mold will appear. So firstly wash them, and tightly roll them. Ensure there are no holes once you wrap them. And most importantly, before you store them, protect them from moths and other insects.

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